March 2008

Comment Split Decision

Dave Zirin calls out the owners of Major League Baseball.

[[:mag_zinn0308|Howard Zinn]] demands a sense of proportion at election time.

Gandhi of the West Bank byRobert Hirschfield
How a high school teacher rallies Palestinians to the cause of nonviolence.

Through the Corporate Looking Glass byMark Pocan
A progressive state legislator goes undercover to see how big business and rightwing think tanks set the agenda.

[[:mag_rothschild0308|The FBI Deputizes Business]] by Matthew Rothschild
Welcome to InfraGard, a secretive group of 23,000 business - people working with the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security. They are training for emergencies, and may have permission to "shoot to kill."

[[:mag_intv0308|Sara Paretsky]] by Matthew Rothschild
"If I were elected President, the first thing I would do would be to set up a Department of Restoring the Bill of Rights," says the feminist crime novelist.

Poem by Ira Sadoff

Manu Chao, Globalista by Antonino D'Ambrosio
"I just don't understand why there aren't thousands protesting outside the White House every day," says the polyglot musician.

[[:mag_scagliotti0308|John Scagliotti reviews]] Gay Travels in the Muslim World, edited by Michael T. Luongo, and Desiring Arabs, by Joseph A. Massad.

[[:mag_high0308|Jim Hightower]] gives a failing grade to the geniuses who hollowed out our economy.