April 2008

Comment A Faulty Stimulus

Dave Zirin examines the dark heart of the Olympics.

Luis J. Rodríguez argues about politics with his deceased dad.

Ruth Conniff examines the appeal of Obama.

[[:mag_galeano0408|Eduardo Galeano]] points out history's paradoxes and misnomers.

[[:mag_ednote0408|Editor's Note: Don't Worry About Ralph]] by Matthew Rothschild.

They Can't Just Walk All Over Us by Kari Lydersen

[[:mag_jarmail0408|Winter Soldiers Sound Off]] by Dahr Jamail

Interview John Edgar Wideman Violet Law

Will Durst congratulates Republicans for getting what they asked for.

Charlie Haden's Progressions by Andrea Lewis

Poem by Truth Thomas

Phil Haslanger reviews The Great Awakening, by Jim Wallis, and Souled Out, by E. J. Dionne.

[[:mag_high0408|Jim Hightower]] gives a failing grade to the geniuses who hollowed out our economy.