September 2008

Comment Global Warming Challenge

Ruth Conniff measures the ground women are losing at work.

Barbara Ehrenreich proposes a novel solution to the energy crisis.

Luis J. Rodríguez detects a dramatic rise in anti-immigrant sentiment.

Eduardo Galeano lauds the rights of nature.

Matthew Rothschild reveals massive snooping by Maryland cops.

Iraq's Forgotten Refugees by Elizabeth DiNovella
Visiting a few of the million-plus Iraqis who have been uprooted to Jordan and Syria.

[[:mag/maury0908.html|"It's Too Late for Me"]] by Laurel Maury

It's far too early to start the funeral arrangements for public Wi-Fi systems.

Filming Katrina by Michael Tisserand

A new documentary showcases the resilience of the residents of New Orleans.

John Cusack by Jim Swanson
"Something very drastic has happened to the very idea of America," says the movie star.

Poem Maxine Kumin

Kate Clinton comes up with some new ideas for Nintendo's best-selling console.

Paul Buhle reviews Solidarity Divided: The Crisis in Organized Labor and a New Path Toward Social Justice, by Bill Fletcher Jr. and Fernando Gapasin.

Jim Hightower says the South Koreans have a legitimate beef.