October 2008

Comment [[:comment1008.html|Racism and the Race]]

Dave Zirin finds sports owners in McCain's box.

Barbara Ehrenreich urges debt resistance.

Howard Zinn [[:mag/zinn1008.html|leans toward Obama despite his views on Afghanistan.]]

The Newest Scam to Steal Your Vote Lloyd Dangle and Greg Palast.

Obama's Task Ruth Conniff He still has to win over reluctant white voters. Plus, a snapshot of a Nader rally.

Maverick 2.0 Elizabeth DiNovella Sarah Palin electrified the GOP delegates, while police rounded up protesters.

The McKinney Choice Kevin Alexander Gray The Green Party ticket defines what its "win" would look like.

[[:mag/enders1008.html|The Mahdi Army Bides Its Time]] David Enders Muqtada al-Sadr and his militia lay low—for now.

Keith Ellison Amitabh Pal "Islam is wildly diverse," says the first Muslim American Congressman. "I'm at the progressive end."

Poem Mahmoud Darwish Will Durst chronicles two bad days on the campaign trail.

Out of Your Comfort Zone Matt Pascarella An Iraqi American artist is intentionally provocative with his art.

Books Ezra Klein reviews The Obama Nation: Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality, by Jerome R. Corsi.

Jim Hightower spotlights some of the people around Obama.

Jim Hightower says the South Koreans have a legitimate beef.