‘You’re Fired!’ The Abuses of ‘Skilled’ Worker Visa Programs



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India is better

I am from India and you people in the USA are fat and dumb that is why we get your
jobs so easily. Why are you guys all so fat? Made in India is the
future as we are a great people. The USA is an ugly nation and your false
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Santosh 39 days ago

Mr. Berry I listened to a

Mr. Berry I listened to a portion of your show yesterday afternoon regarding H1B visas. I work in the tech sector and I did not really hear an answer as to why the capitalist system is not flushing out H1B workers in exchange for American workers. Well I have direct answer to this. Companies hire in H1B visa holders from many countries, but primarily from India. Once the workers start coming into the technical departments in the company they begin to propagate throughout all the departments. Usually starts with one or two and then as Americans leave, resign or quit they continue to fill in with the H1B visa workers. Some of the H1B visa holders or Green Card holders are also then hired or moved into middle management to fill a void. At this point the middle managers continue to staff with H1B visa workers or Green Card workers from their country of origin because culturally they have trouble working with American workers or there are language barriers. I have seen this happen at a few companies and it is an utter disaster.

Also the H1B visa workers degrade the salary and grade structure within the company. Lets say you have a Senior IT guy American who's wage scale is $65,000 a yr to $85,000 a yr. Then they start hiring H1B visa workers at a salary of $35,000 a yr to $45,000 a yr and their performance is lower. The higher paid American worker leaves because he is being required to do more work for the same pay because the H1B visa worker lacks the work ethic or is unable to perform the work at the proper level. The American keeps picking up the slack while the H1B worker is allowed to continue with lower performance, which is covered up by the American worker. They do not replace the American worker with someone who is at his salary. They instead slide the pay scale down and try to find another American at a cheaper rate since the American was making considerably more than the H1B visa worker, after all the job is getting done right? The company is also blinded by the fact that the American worker was doing more work and do not understand that they were picking up the slack in the department. So if you cannot find another cheap American higher more H1B visa workers.

Eventually the company realizes they have a technology department in shambles. You have H1B workers and Green Card holders in middle management continuing to hire other H1B visa workers or green card holding individuals from their country of origin. Documentation and processes are no longer written in a way the job could be performed because English is not the native language. The company then puts a stop to hiring H1B visa workers, but are stuck with laying off the Green Card holders and then trying to hire Americans in at a lower rate, because they have slid the pay scales down.

Also senior no longer means senior instead it means junior because the tech folks at the wages the company is hiring for are not as skilled. The companies budgets are set for year(s) to pay for staffing at the H1B visa level or slightly hire but not at the wage level of the American worker. So they continue to hire Americans in with lower skills to fill in the gaps and keep the wages down. The company also caps promotion pay to no more than 5% to keep wages down and continue keeping low wage less skilled tech workers coming in. Eventually the company caves when they cannot get enough Americans to sign on for the low wage and then they start hiring green card holders and H1B visa workers again and the cycle continues.

CyberNinJA 269 days ago

that is great and glad it is

that is great and glad it is working out for you but the majority of H1Bs are not used for liberal arts majors

re ... anna 310 days ago

We do not need or want

We do not need or want foreign scabs. They are here to eliminate US workers. They are a mechanism for age discrimination. We need to end this program (H-1B), other related programs (L-1, F-1, OPT), and the even more terrible J-1, which brings in hundreds of thousands of summer workers.

Pat more than 1 year ago

Do Corporation have any tax

Do Corporation have any tax advantage when they hire workers that have a work visa, whether skilled or not?

Christine Johnson more than 1 year ago

Try this:

Try this:
H-1B visas are allocated by a lottery. Instead, we could sort the 230,000 H-1B petitions according to the salary employers willingly offer to pay. The 85,000 visas subject to cap could then be allocated to the petitions with the highest salaries, down the list until the visas were gone. Employers would compete against each other for a limited public resource - the visa. Market power would fall to workers, and salaries would increase up to the prevailing market level.

Stan Sorscher more than 1 year ago

Employers should have to

Employers should have to prove that there are no Americans with the skills they need in order to hire someone from outside the country. Period. American citizens should always get first pick of the jobs in their own country.

Jackie more than 1 year ago

Yes, that is exactly the

Yes, that is exactly the point. How many struggling americans are being displaced by foreign workers? When Disney or Molina Healthcare insists on hiring foreign workers... they must prove to us they couldn't find americans to fill the position. Also, they should prove they placed an ad on online job boards, prove they didn't receive any resumes for applicants with applicable experience. As a matter of fact, i'm sure ads receive at least 100 resumes of interested AMERICAN applicants who are qualified for the job. This is just anti-american worker B.S. !!! if they want to reduce the wages, just reduce the wage.... it will still get 100-300 resumes of qualified applicants! These companies should be boycotted until they stop their H1B foreign worker push.

mike-1 more than 1 year ago

Reality of H1B workers

Can you say temp? Keep an open rec for an American worker to keep the filling of jobs with H1B workers legal. These unskilled workers quit after 1 year because the host company refuses to double their salary. The fewer full timers are replaced so managers get a bonus for cutting costs.

Ken 93 days ago

This piece gives a one-sided

This piece gives a one-sided and overly negative (maybe even disparaging) view of guest workers. I am a 25-year old guest worker with a bachelor's degree from a top liberal arts women's college in the U.S. I have been working for 2 years in research departments of top U.S. think tanks and have always been treated and paid the same as my American colleagues.

Anna more than 1 year ago

Anna - it points to a glaring

Anna - it points to a glaring problem in the system. Nowhere in the article does it say to abandon the program or that if has never worked for anyone. There is obviously no mechsnism to prevent abuse within the H1B program and it is clearly reducing labor competition to the benefit of employers. As someone who successfully used the program, you should be as interested as anyone in seeing others afforded the same treatment. I guess you got yours though, so thats enough for you. Such a shame

Jeremy more than 1 year ago

By top U.S. think tanks you

By top U.S. think tanks you mean that you're working for the propaganda arms of the Koch Bros, the Popes, and other right wing extremists that spend dark money on influencing the American public. like Freedom Works, Cato Institute, etc. Nice try.

steve schuster more than 1 year ago

If you are on H-1B and are

If you are on H-1B and are being paid more than the average wage, that puts you in the top 18% of H-1B wage earners.

John Miano more than 1 year ago

What you are is a scab, and

What you are is a scab, and you are not welcome. Go home, now. You will not get a green card. Your skills suck, too.

American worker more than 1 year ago

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