Wisconsin: The Worst State for African Americans



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As long as you continue to

As long as you continue to equate your life from a group perspective you are going to have trouble relating to others. As long as the victim mentality remains an accepted frame of mind progress will be limited. Racial views will ALWAYS remain as long as there are leaders to take advantage of it. Life is all about inequality. As they say, 'that's life'. Waiting for an enlightened societal moment when it all disappears is a fools errand. A hyphenated nation will always be at odds. Black men are not the only people to come from high-crime urban areas. It is not an excuse, nor should it be for not taking a chance at a better life in a better situation.

BOORAGG_111 252 days ago

Great article, please look up

Great article, please look up-The United Negro Business Fund m

R L Presley more than 1 year ago

How about we stop the

How about we stop the government from keeping wages artificially low. Low wage immigration + government subsidy of low wages = artificially low wages. The US government effectively pay foreigners to come to the US and work for low wages.

How welfare distorts migration
An immigrant who has a wife and two kids comes to the US and gets a full-time job at minimum wage. This is a breakdown of the family income of this family.
$13,900/year - wages
$6,000/year - subsidized housing
$4,800/year – SNAP (food stamps)
$5,372/year – Earned Income tax Credit
$30,072 Total
It makes no sense to migrate to the US for a job that pays less than a living wage. You cannot live on $8/hour in New York City. Yet many immigrants work for $8/hour in New York City. Welfare/government assistance distorts migration patterns.

doug more than 1 year ago

I understand you. Classmates

I understand you. Classmates at my school act like they don't understand the process of learning. I am a straight A stundent and the process takes memorization and patiance

Good speech more than 1 year ago



JANE more than 1 year ago

Well sir, you have a

Well sir, you have a perspective from one frame of mind. Let me give you another viewpoint. I grew up in the north woods of Wisconsin where we had it just about the same. We did have a few perks but it was mainly people making a living wage. But the living wage in the woods is a lot more manageable than the living wage in the city. Cost of living is more, for not much more pay. Given the low income situation and cost of living differences, you don't have the tax collections available for said 'Band Class' or other activities. You are misplacing inequality for poverty. Plain and simple. There is no way to get rid of poverty based segregation. Poor people can't move to nice neighborhoods and well off people aren't going to move to the poverty stricken areas. It is up to each community individually to bring their community out from poverty and provide some outlets for youths. The younger generation has this idea that everything should be handed to them or they should have assistnace every step of the way in life. That is not the case, you are responsible for yourself. I never once looked for a handout, but went into severe debt to finish school and bring myself up. Don't overlook the fact that African, Mexican, Chinese, Vietnamese, etc.... all have the same playing field now. All it takes is an education and to speak somewhat proper English. You are still young yet, but you will figure it out soon enough.

Joe S more than 1 year ago

Income inequality is all

Income inequality is all about grinding poverty. This is true in high poverty rural areas. Rather than address poverty head on, Republicans and many low information Democrats blame the parents, blame the teachers, blame everything except what is the cause... poverty. People need a livable wage and parents need a big enough incentive that they wont have to get the second or third job, instead they need to be home and have the energy to take care of their childrens needs including helping them study. Schools need enough counselors, social workers and nurses that the mental and physical health of students are met each day. We need experts to sit down with parents, teachers and students to help them formulate a path for success for each student. We need good paying jobs waiting for the students when they graduate, and college waiting for those who want it.

drsolo more than 2 years ago

Miles, I am so proud of you.

Miles, I am so proud of you.

Joan Jach more than 2 years ago

Thank you for this insight

Thank you for this insight and knowledge.

Justine Hutchins more than 2 years ago

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