Warren Anderson’s Silence



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@Sabrina I really hope that's

@Sabrina I really hope that's sarcasm...

projectrevo 263 days ago

He could have offered them

He could have offered them (survivors and next of kin) money for their pain...that's the way most corporations do it.
Instead he ducked out and lived as a recluse with the whole world mad at him. I hope there is a special place in Hell for all the Warren Andersons of the world.

Duane P. Wetick more than 1 year ago

May god give him a long life

May god give him a long life of 92 years again but with all sort of diseases and body with paralysis. Enjoy your next birth Mr Anderson.

Modi more than 1 year ago

indeed, this self

indeed, this self rationalizing rich guy has not only edited his memories until now he is a victim, but he did everything possible to avoid personal and corporate responsibility. The fact that the site was never cleaned proves this.
Dow, more than happy to profit from UCC, of course never lifted a finger to help. It is really the passing of the parasitical murdering profiteering torch from one scheming American corporation to another.
The only relatively pleasant thought here is of him in the afterlife dealing with his poisoned twisted deformed victims.
BTW, the interview was in 1993, at full self-delusion.
Sadly, no one ever went back.

Marc Bauder MD more than 2 years ago

When did you meet Anderson?

When did you meet Anderson? He died September 29, 2014, and this article is dated October 31, 2014.

Meg more than 2 years ago

My brief encounter with Mr.

My brief encounter with Mr. Anderson took place in early 2006. This article was first published in the May 2006 print edition. The incorrect date you mentioned inadvertently appeared during a transfer of the article to this web page in 2014.

the author 315 days ago


I was in Bhopal, 7 years old, at the time of the gas tragedy.
Every time, when I read about the tragedy, it was hard for me to see the tragedy, the lives lost and harmed.
However, its also unfortunate that the whole thing was mis managed right from the beg. there were numerous accidents before the gas tragedy that occurred and were left without pro-active control or action.

Can we just blame the CEO of a company and be done? Why was he escorted back by the Indian Govt? Seems like a fair investigation was not done to the cause of the disaster and it was always with a fear of finger pointing that took place. What about the prior safety accidents that took place , who was responsible for that?
I think on one hand you have to appreciate he showed genuine interest and came immediately to India, however he was placed under arrest and escorted back. Why would he want to come back?
What about the other officials of the company - what were their responsibilities?
How did the Indian Govt distribute the money? was there no corruption in that ?
This is 30 years after the incident and I find very less progress even today, in the safety standards and procedures in India. There is no process followed for safety and things are still chalta hai!!

If we really want to commemorate the lives lost and the true trauma of tragedy that the affected have endured then we have to find true processes that ensures the safety of people. Politicians should also ensure of the same. No money can compensate for the lives of people and safety of people.

This is how we can ensure that these type of accidents dont happen to our future generation. and we have to ensure that!

PIO more than 2 years ago

He is not a poor thing. He is

He is not a poor thing. He is a rich prick and he got rich by, to some degree, by climbing on bodies of 10,000 people his plant killed. He could have spoken up but he was forever in his fear.

Sad that nobody did anything

Indian more than 2 years ago

Leave the poor dear alone he

Leave the poor dear alone he is old and sick he did not want to talk because he is tired of being misunderstood and scapegoated. Let him enjoy his retirement in peace poor thing

Sabrina Stocks more than 2 years ago

Poor thing? Really? What

Poor thing? Really? What about all the babies that were born deformed in India? The mothers who miscarried? The thousands who died? The ones who have to live disfigured all their lives? Aren't they the poor thing or do you not have any sympathy for them? Does that mean you consider Hitler or Mussolini as "Poor Things"?

Jas more than 2 years ago

Leave him alone? His company

Leave him alone? His company is the reason hundreds of thousands are still suffering in Bhopal. What he and his company did and continue to do, as the generator is still standing in the heart of Bhopal leaking MIC, is appalling. Think of all the innocent lives lost, and those who continue to suffer because of this man.

Anonymous more than 2 years ago

The "poor dear" made a lot of

The "poor dear" made a lot of other people, including a lot of children, very sick indeed. He should be ashamed of himself, and it is shameful indeed that even at death's door he lacked the courage to even apologize. A wretched man who missed any opportunity to try to make some good come of all the evil done on his watch. A good officer takes responsibility; this guy fled and hid in a place where he knew he'd be coddled by like-minded, closed-minded, head-in-the-sand losers like himself.

Kit more than 2 years ago

And what about the sons and

And what about the sons and daughters or the people who were killed? By your logic, America should have let Osama enjoy his retirement. Did they?

Rich white man more than 2 years ago

Poor dear? He enjoyed his

Poor dear? He enjoyed his comfortable retirement while people suffered from the effects of that disaster. The factory is still there and still contaminated. It was never properly cleaned up. Anderson should have taken more responsibility years ago. He died a wealthily corporate coward with blood on his hands.

Mary Ann more than 2 years ago

Leave him alone? He did not

Leave him alone? He did not answer questions that he needed to answer. One cannot sympathise with him coz of his age. 45 or 92 or dead, he remains a criminal as the head of Union carbide in 1992. There were innocent people who died because of corporate decisions that he gave a nod to. But what can the people who suffered do against him? Against someone who's so powerful that he came to India and then fled. I do not know what happened. But the lack of any statement from this dead man, his fledging from India upon facing charges and refusing to talk, I can only imagine him to be guilty of the biggest industrial disaster in human history. Shameful and heinous.

Indian more than 2 years ago

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