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"The forum is moderated by

Silly propaganda

"The forum is moderated by Trevor Loudon, a real rock star in the anti-Obama fringe conspiracy community. (Not born in the United States? Check. Islamic? Check. Soviet-trained communist? Check.) Loudon’s New Zealand accent gives him an air of authority, and this crowd hangs on his every word."

Loudon never said that Obama was born anywhere but Hawaii, he never said Obama is Islamic, and he never said he was a "Soviet trained communist." Trevor did break the story that Obama was mentored by Frank Marshall Davis. I assume that since you blatantly lied about Loudon, the rest of your silly story is also propaganda.

noyfb more than 1 year ago

Regardless of what the polls

Regardless of what the polls show and unlike other candidates Carson offers specific solutions, political correctness be darned. The reality is some candidates have fans. Carson has believers. Bring on Iowa.

ravcolt more than 1 year ago

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