Tough Love for White America: Michael Eric Dyson



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Good conclusion

I agree that racism should be stopped. What I disagree with is that whiteness is destructive to African Americans. What is destructive to African Americans is elitism. Some whites believe that whites are better than everyone. Those whites are wrong. However, most white people think that skin color doesn't matter. They are tired of being called destructive to a whole ethnic group simply because they are culturally different. Believe me, as what this author would call a "privileged white male," I can assure him that there is no conspiracy to destroy white people. There are only sick and malicious white people who feel that black people should be subservient. Most whites could care less. I know that, personally, I do not care about the color of one's skin. I care about character and the way a person carries themselves. If you want to be respected you must carry yourself in a way that draws respect. The KKK is not respected by anyone other than other white supremacists. There is a two pronged necessity here:
Black people need to begin to act the way they want to be treated. However, white people must also do these same. At the same time, we must stop thinking of ourselves as black or white. It's a skin color. It doesn't change the interior. It dent change the hehe he soul or the heart. What changes those things is the disposition of an individual. We need to stop dividing ourselves into categories of blackness or whiteness. So long as we see ourselves as anything other than human beings, nothing will ever change.
However, ultimately we must live by what Jesup told us, to love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength and love our neighbor as ourselves. If we do that, then the color of a man's skin would mean nothing.
We are all human beings, after all.

John 45 days ago

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