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hi, my 3 kids attend to

hi, my 3 kids attend to rocketship school in milwaukee...they had been in public school and catholic private school.And let me tell you this, i love kids are more respectfull and show a lot of learning progress...believed hard to tell or talk about 1 school in one day have to go tru a lot to really learn about it...this is my second year in this school,and my only hopes is they can open more higher grades so my kids stay in rocketship a happy and more important PROUD parent...thanks

felix molina more than 2 years ago

This is sloppy journalism at

This is sloppy journalism at best. Ms. Miner neglects to mention her conflict of interest (she is married to the head of the MKE teacher's union) and mischaracterized many aspects of Rocketship. In addition to neglecting to describe what happens in the classroom (where the real learning happens), Miner assumes corruption because of the school's approach to facilities. The fact of the matter is PUBLIC charter schools don't have access to PUBLIC funds to build schools like traditional public schools do. Rocketship has innovated to build great schools that are an asset to the community. Public schools also do plenty of business with for-profit entities (computers, text books, builders, etc.). Would be great if Ms. Miner could focus on ways to improve educational outcomes for all kids instead of trying create a division and degrading the amazing dedication and hard work of educators fighting to do what's right for kids. Hopefully folks will see through this sloppy journalism. Rocketship offers tours to anybody who is interested in learning about their programs. Sign up and see for yourself before you agree with Miner's bias opinions. Also recognize 6,000+ parents choose to enroll their kids in Rocketship for a reason.

Steven Burns more than 2 years ago

Hi Steven, We would like to

Hi Steven, We would like to publish your comment in the next issue of the magazine, but can you please identify yourself and your affiliation with Rocketship either here or via email ( Thank you.

Julia Burke more than 2 years ago

The amount of time you spend

The amount of time you spend characterizing Ms. Kinser, her physique and dress at the beginning of this article is troubling. Would you do the same for a male principal? Is a woman's dress or body important for the debate about Rocketship in Milwaukee? Furthermore, you spend no time detailing what instruction you saw in classrooms (not the learning lab...classrooms). Rocketship does not purport that the learning lab is instructional time. My observations of preK-5 instruction suggests that there is, in fact, very high quality instruction going on each day. Better than what I've observed in most public schools, which is why their student achievement outcomes were very high, even in their first year.

Sarah Frank more than 2 years ago

Well, this is where it's

Well, this is where it's headed unless people start waking up. I wouldn't send my kid to a school like that, and I'm guessing that the wealthy class wouldn't either.

Jeff more than 2 years ago

Jeff, what do you mean by "

Jeff, what do you mean by " where it's headed" and "school like that?" What did you learn in this article that would prevent you from sending your kid here? Curious...

Marie more than 2 years ago

Dear Barbara,

Dear Barbara,

What I really want to know is, what were you wearing during the interview and did your body look fit? This information is clearly VERY important to the state of the Milwauke school system. What an incredibly sexist article. And I use the term "article" lightly as this is nothing more than a personal perspective blog post that offers up no insight into the school and why or why not I would send my child there.

justthefacts more than 2 years ago

Excellent post, thank you. I

Excellent post, thank you. I've re-shared this on the following collection called "Charter Schools & Choice: A Closer Look":

Roxana Marachi more than 2 years ago

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