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Once again, large numbers of

Once again, large numbers of Florida voters do not have anyone running for state office who truly represent the majority of people living here. To vote for Charlie Crist or the Libertarian candidate for Governor is repulsive for many folks to contemplate. This fact may well have many voters holding back from voting until the last day . . . simply from despair

Many of us who were involved in the Peace Movement during the Vietnam War can recall other instances and locales where it seemed the Democratic Party on the state level operated with the intent to destroy the party on the grassroots level. The Republican Party moderates have experienced a similar situation, state by state, over the last few decades since the 1960's.

Divide and conquer . . . sow disunity amongst the people and attract and engage those who are willing to be corrupt and those who can only see the small picture, with little sense or practice of enlightened ethical thought and behavior.

The dysfunctional Democratic Party left the Florida Republican Party the political playing board largely to themselves. Case in point would be the Republican bastion of Ocala and Marion County, Florida. Another curious fact is the lack of viable candidate recruitment along the lines of community grassroots development. From what I see over the last few years, it almost seems that moles within the Democratic Party are being paid to destroy the foundation of the party itself. Throw in the extremists and political opportunists amongst the fringe who alienate other folks rather than attempting to work together and we have the unholy alliance running both political parties, Democrat and Republican.

Time for people to rally together in time to change the political landscape for 2016. Eliminate closed primary elections and outside campaign funding and regain the primacy of the individual's vote rather than corporate or political partisan power through the corrupt flow of money into our political process.

Public employees and political candidates for public office were once well regarded public servants who served the greater interests of the people. As a Florida voter, I intend to continue to do my personal best to encourage the participation of voters and development of non-partisan political candidates to change the mess we now have to something far better for our country.

It starts one by one . . . voting . . . bringing just one other person with you to go vote who may otherwise not have voted and engage from there.

It takes awhile, but you have a solid foundation and clarity of intent and purpose . . . every thought, word and deed. It is time to disengage from the negative political based arena and create a better, more positive, productive tone and manner of proceeding forward. This includes understanding those who do not agree with you . . . sometimes far more important than simply trying to "change" their thinking. Think on a global level . . . place your positive energies to working at home, on the local level.

Those of us from the 1950' s and 60' s best pay attention to what we are leaving to our children. We were given so much more from those who preceded us and lived through the Great Depression and World War II. We have the numbers; many of us know better . . . we do have the power to make the changes we need to create to make a better world for all.

Christopher M. Kennard more than 2 years ago

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