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True Democracy! IMHO I feel

True Democracy! IMHO I feel that everyone who identifies with the progressive movement should become more familiar with the Community and Environmental Legal Defense Fund. They are doing some awesome work around the country to enable counties and municipalities to start the process of initiating and passing state constitutional amendments that effectively sever the stranglehold that the states and federal government have been using through administrative rules and legislation to deny community autonomy. True democracy must happen first at the local level where personal social interactions occur. Centralization of power always leads to corruption. If you are interested in learning more go to


Scott 293 days ago

The world needs more people

The world needs more people like this. Never give up on your principles and beliefs. There is always a way to make an impact. One of those kids would probably make a better president than Hillary, or Trump. Then again, not a high bar to reach.

Reader 307 days ago

So proud of you, Rebecca…

So proud of you, Rebecca… And such a well written article

Ted Voth Jr 310 days ago

Great article, Rebecca.

Great article, Rebecca. You understand the meaning of and the need for solidarity better than most folks do. Now what steps can we take together to promote and broaden it?

Martina Rippon 310 days ago

I never thought I would be so

I never thought I would be so disgusted by the actions of the party I've been a member of my entire life. But then again, I never thought I would see the democratic party become what it is today.
The DPW is useless.
Have they even come up with a candidate to run against Walker less than 18 months from now?
How much support are they offering to the grassroots candidates running against many of the republican incumbents?
I haven't seen anything in the way of a press release or an interview about any of this. I will donate to the individual candidates campaigns, but I can no longer in good conscience donate to the DPW or the DNC. They have become nothing more than fortresses for the establishment candidates and incumbents.

jchuckjohns 310 days ago

As a progressive ex democrat,

As a progressive ex democrat, I can only agree with the realities expressed above.The state party and the DNC have taken part in a shameful (if not criminal) effort to fix a presidential primary. They have marginalized their base and pushed third way neoliberal candidates sure to lose to Walker. Wi progressives are politically homeless, but are becoming aware of the need to build ourselves a new home outside the right center pro oligarchy party. Down ticket representatives have, in endorsing a candidate their constituents voted against, exposed themselves as representing their personal ambitions over the folks who put them in office.

Rob Ganson 310 days ago

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