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There was no Nader to "give"

There was no Nader to "give" the election to Goldwater instead of Johnson, and we got a warmonger anyway. No more "lesser of two evils" voting for me. Feel the Bern!

Robert Anderson 327 days ago

The "It was Nader's fault"

The "It was Nader's fault" thing hasn't died because it is true. It is a painful truth, but true nonetheless.
One of our biggest strengths as Progressives is our deeply held beliefs and the willingness to move forward regardless of resistance. One of our weaknesses as Progressives is our deeply held beliefs and our resistance to learning from mistakes because of our willingness to move forward regardless of resistance.

Addison Sims 332 days ago

Sometimes I remind Democrats

Sometimes I remind Democrats that they could eliminate the possibility of a third party which divides the electorate by passing instant runoff voting. The usual response from party regulars is they won't do it because they might lose their power. They would rather blame someone else for their failures.

You will note that Clinton did not fail the power establishment. He passed NAFTA, destroyed the welfare system, set up criminal justice rules which resulted in building prisons and imprisoning LOTS of Black and poor folks, eliminated the protections of the Glass Steagal Act (thereby opening the door to the banking industry crashing the economy), signed a telecommunications act which handed monopoly powers to the biggest corporations, and maintained sanctions in Iraq, killing about a million civilians.

Gore, for his part, was the environmentalist who went to the world climate meeting and demanded a weakening of the proposals.

The lesser evil is still evil.

Bo Chagnon 335 days ago

Donald Trump should make

Donald Trump should make Ralph Nader his running mate. Because Ralph sure knows how to get a Republican elected President. Sounds like he's trying to pass on his knowledge to Bernie.

Honeyboy Wilson 337 days ago

It's sad to see Ms. Conniff

It's sad to see Ms. Conniff blame Nader for George W. Bush. ("Had he not run, the country might not have elected George W. Bush.") The country didn't elect George W. Bush: Gore won the popular vote in 2000, but unfortunately, here in the USA we don't elect presidents by popular vote. If the US Supreme Court hadn't intervened and told Florida to stop its recount, Gore almost certainly would've been inaugurated in 2001. This ahistorical clanger was a distraction in the early part of this otherwise good article.

I thought that "It was Nader's fault" thing had died.

Norm Littlejohn 338 days ago

You're kidding, right? The

You're kidding, right? The only words Ralph Nader should ever utter in public again are "I'm so sorry, please forgive me".

Honeyboy Wilson 336 days ago

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