A Police Chief's Call for Reform



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There are so few law

There are so few law enforcement executives aware of the source of the word police, it is not surprising that they rely on attack squads to fulfill a job which is not theirs to do.
In the best of all possible worlds, the words of Police Chief and Reverend Couper would penetrate both the brass and the ranks and put them on the road to doing their duty.

Arlen Dean Snyder more than 1 year ago

Did you really expect Obama

Did you really expect Obama to deliver? He's one more example of the false hope of identity politics. Clarence Thomas is a more glaring example. The real rulers have learned that letting a few elite members of disadvantaged groups into their inner circles goes a long way to fool the people.

Robert Anderson more than 1 year ago

Dear David C. Couper, former

Dear David C. Couper, former Police Chief, Madison, Wisconsin.
Thank you immensely for taking time to share a brilliant, refreshing, and thoughtful analysis of the social crises we face. I believe that your observations and advice are absolutely the direction that must be taken to begin to fix such longstanding endemic problems. The disinvestment of our urban centers, the loss of the local cop on the beat who knew the people of the neighborhoods, the use of prisons as "drug rehab," and our national focus on military occupation (in neighborhoods at home and abroad) weakens our nation, strengthens our enemies, and creates far more enemies than we can possibly imagine. Thank you!!
~Marilu Carter, Davis, California.

Marilu Carter more than 1 year ago

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