Organic Valley at the Crossroads



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This article accurately

This article accurately reflects the sentiments of OV and former OV dairy farmers I know. And a year later I'm not sure much has changed.

friend of farmers 283 days ago

Thanks for this inspiring and

Thanks for this inspiring and detailed story about the legendary Organic Valley.

Steve Sprinkel more than 1 year ago

This article is all across

This article is all across the board, poorly written, and overall just frustrating. Any billion dollar organization is inherently imperfect. Are we forgetting that Organic Valley is leading the nation, if not the world, when it comes to environmental stewardship, supporting family farms, and selling high quality organic food? They are pioneers in the organic industry! It's like a genuinely good, hardworking person becoming a celebrity--there will always be those that need to find the most negative side to a success story. While I respect journalism and realize there's always room for improvement and transparency....... Please, please, please reconsider articles like this when you're talking about a homegrown Wisconsin COOPERATIVE, not a for-profit corporation. I will proudly continue supporting Organic Valley and their 1,800 family farmers.

Sad Article more than 1 year ago

I do not buy any organic

I do not buy any organic brand owned by big business. The Organic Industry Structure list is available online that tells of the buy out of organic products companies and who really owns them. Organics are falling like dominoes. I pay more for Organic Valley because I also know I am supporting real organic farmers. I would not touch Horizon or other pseudo organic products. Our food bill is bigger
than most, but I would rather spend it there than for hospital or doctor bills. All I am doing is choosing where I spend my
money. For food or for medical problems. GMO's are causing tremendous health problems for people and animals.

Trisha more than 1 year ago

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