The New Face Of Republican Women in Congress



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"Abby Scher is obviously a

"Abby Scher is obviously a prejudiced writer of this narrative. She fails to understand the weight of the UN & Agenda 21; and the uselessness of the minimum wage (which is like a dead-heat on a merry-go-round). The minimum wage is a moving target, which already makes it, at least suspect.
She also decries Bachmann's opposition to abortion (calling it 'anti-choice')*, opposition to the climate-change scam & other positions supported by mainstream America as 'nuttiness'.

*Note to Ms Scher: Anti-choice IS Abortion...once aborted, there is NO choice! (Except where the body-parts in 'the highest bidder'). A birth can be either accepted, adopted by family member(s), or put up for adoption (there are many, unable to bear children, who pay big bucks to have/rear children.) = A clear choice!
Like most Liberals, radicals & RINOs...she is terribly short-sighted, and possibly dangerous. I call for her to do research, use her brain, rather than listen to prejudiced media & Dem talking points & knee-jerk into false conclusions! BTW: There is no such thing as 'Right-Wing' it is a term made up by Left wing radicals, who decry mainstream America, and American Institutions.

edgar martin more than 1 year ago

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