Natural Burial: Bringing Death Back Down to Earth



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Thank you for this. As a

Thank you for this. As a newly certified Death Midwife (through Sacred Crossings) and NHFA member, I look forward to carrying forward this important work.

I'm also spreading the good news about the best/greenest burial option yet:
& - for our pets!

Catherine Campion 121 days ago

I recently read about this

I recently read about this type of burial in a brief note from the 1742 students at Moravian College. I have never heard of such a burial and after reading this article and going onto the website of Green Meadow in Fountain Hill it is very interesting. I do not consider my lifestyle 'Green Living" however I am attracted to the simplistic and peaceful efforts that are made for burial.

I can research this but other cemeteries an example being Nisky Hill, would not allow for this?

Thank you for the thought provoking article.

Mia 242 days ago

My cousins actually had my

My cousins actually had my aunt buried this way. I really loved the idea a lot.

Dawn Wolfson 268 days ago

I've always wanted to see

I've always wanted to see cemeteries used for something more than just gravesites. Many cemeteries in Michigan are stocked with beautiful old growth trees. It feels like a park filled with monuments to the dead. Call me uncouth, but, I'd love to see a Tim Burton-esque playground in our local cemeteries. I was raised watching the Adams Family :)

Nathan DuPhene 268 days ago

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