The National Pollution Scandal



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I got my B.S. at UW-Madison

I got my B.S. at UW-Madison in Economics and I believe in the ideals of entrepreneurship and free markets as much as anybody but… Conservatives and those who believe in Capitalism without limits are misleading the public that somehow Socialism has to be avoided at all cost. Let’s get one thing straight- irresponsible Corporate 'persons' are practicing parasitic, nefarious and pathological Socialism. They privatize monetary wealth for CEOs and a few share-owners while simultaneously they socialize the burdens of air, water and land pollution and transfer to the public the human costs of poverty level wages. Then they buy off politicians to dodge rightfully assessed real estate and income taxes, again avoiding any social responsibility. Then they stand in front of crowds of unemployed people desperate for jobs of any kind and tell them that higher taxes to support health care for all and food stamps equals Socialism. Greedy corporate ‘persons’ and their purchased political mouthpieces denigrate Socialism for the well being of humans as as an evil without equal, while Socialism in the form of unrestrained capitalism is destroying our planet and extorting our people.
Chris Uhlir

Chris Uhlir more than 1 year ago

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