Making Progress Against Animal Cruelty: An interview with Wayne Pacelle



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I think the most important

I think the most important mission HSUS has accomplished is informing the Public about the heinous depraved nature of The Animal Killing Industry with it's HSUS TV Commericals and it's All Animals Magazine.

But if you are asking the question ,"Has HSUS made real progress in stopping or even reducing Torture and Genocide to Non Humans that can be counted numerically, I think the answer is "No".

Again: I am not saying that HSUS has done nothing towards ending Animal Absue and Genocide, but the reality is that the numbers of All Animals being killed in both the Wild and for Animal Agriculture is increasing. Let me explain my position and how I think we can actually reverse this situation around and start making real progress saving huge numbers of Animals.

The Corporatist U.S. Gov. is controlled to the largest extent by Corporate Interests and Corporate Greed. U.S. Politicians, FDA, USDA and State Depts. of Health & Agriculture and City Gov. Officals take perks from the Meat Poultry Fish Dairy Egg Slaughter Industry, the Chemical - Pharmacuetical Industry, the Weapons Industry and in return, this industries give Politiicans Campaign Money, Trips, and Job Offers at the ends of their Gov. tenure.

Every month many Millions of Non Humans are torured & killed both inside the U.S. and outside the U.S. by the U.S. Gov. Military. The U.S. with its' never ending Wars against small Nation States that rages on killing both Humans and many more Non Humans everyday is a war that is being increased. Copnsider how many coutries have been leveled to the ground or being made "Scorched Earth" by The Corporatist Colonial U.S. Wars in Iraq, Libia, Syria and now Yemen. These U.S. Wars are not just against Humans, they are Wars against All Animals including Humans and Non Humans.

The U.S. Gov. subsidizes the incarceration, torture and killing of Non Human Aniamls by giving financial handouts to the Meat Poultry fish Egg Dairy Industry and to The Chemcal Drug Industry which also incarcerates torures and murders millions if not billions of Animals every year.

Add these industial forms of Animal Slavery and Genocide to those Aniamls being killed by U.S. Foreign Wars and what we are seeing is obviously that the Animal Movement as a whole is loosing.

The increasing Human Population or net gain in numbers of Humans being born in the U.S. alone is one every 11 seconds according to current U.S. Gov. Census Statisitics. this number of People being added to the census includeds the nuber of People that are dying. Non Human Animal Species are disappearing at record rates as Humans Population, Global Temperatures and Human Forest Destruction increase thoughout the World.

Karen Davis is Heroic for her Aggressive Campaigns to stop and prevent Animal Torture and Killing, but her assesment of our progress as an Animal Liberation, Animal Rights or Animal Welfare Movement is incorrect.
We have to agree that we are getting new People on board to join our movement to stop Animal Abuse, Incarceration, Slavery and Genocide, but we are NOT gaining them quickly enough to make up for the deficit created by the increase in the Flesh Eating Human Population, expanding U.S. Wars, and expansion of Human Enterprise including buildings, damns, highways, increased ocean and lake shipping, increased highway, housing and building production which all consrvatively cost Trillions of Non Human Lives everyday.

I think we all agree that there are more Vegans and more Animal Activists in the U.S. and around the World than ever and that number is increasing each day. Unfortunatley, there are many more Flesh Eating People being born all over the World and in the U.S. everyday with a net increase of one new Person every 11 Seconds just in the U.S. alone and by far the majority of People being born are not Vegans.

At this time, regardless of what part of the Pro Animal Movement you are in, this Movement is still loosing ground because of the increasing Human Population and massive and progressive destruction caused by Human progressvie Deforestation, Construction Projects including Housing Buildings, Roads and Wars.

Consider that our Global Temperatures are rising everyday and that for the past 15 Years our Global Temperatures are going up at record levels each successive year.


Is this loss a reason to give up our movement? NO...but we need to think of faster and more effective ways to change People's Minds about going Vegan and how Easy, Healthy and Delicious Vegan Eating is.

I have work on People every day in every venue or place immaginable: From my Health Club Sauna, Gas Station Attendents and Customers and Bank Tellers, I keep talking about the amazing advantages of going Vegan.

The biggest advantage to a Vegan Lifestyle is that our Human Arteries will not be progressivley blocked and destroyed by Saturated Animal Fat & LDL Cholesterol. Progressive Arterial Blockage can only be caused directly by eating Animal Based Foods. So whether we eat Meat, Poultry, Fish Dairy or Eggs, we are still making our skin sag, our Hearts Pump less effectivley, our Bones and Teeth deteriorate from Amono Acids, and blocking our Brain Arterial System Progressivley so we can not think as effectivley. This is why Teens, Adults and Old People are dying more quickly and loosing their Helath and Appearance at earlier and earlier ages.

Then I tell People how great Veggie Burgers, Veggie Hot Dogs and Veggie Chic'n Patties Taste when fried Crispy on the outside for texture. I always tell People to buy the Veggie Substitues without Animal Ingredients and to start reading Ingredient Labele on Veggie Burgers, Beans and everything else.

I tell People that the U.S. Gov. is run by the Meat Poultry Fish Slaugher Industry and that Chemcial Phamrmacuetical Industry and this is why dangerous Drugs are fed to Non Humans and Humans. th eU.S. Gov. allow this because they are run and paid off by these industries. The Met poultry fish slaughter Industry buys a huge amount of chemcal Drugs from the Pharmacutial Industry and these Steroid Growth Hormones, Antibiotics, Red Dye 40 (Insect Blood), Depleted Uranium and Sodium Nitrate are all toxic to Humans but they are added to All Animal Flesh Products to "increase growth rates" and decrease "disease causing organisims". The problem with all these Chemcal Drugs they put in Animals is that they cause disease incluidng Obesity in Humans. When Humans eat the Flesh and Secretions of other Animals they are also eating the Chemcal Drugs that are bieng fed to Aniamls as well well as the Radiation and Chemcals their Flesh is treated with before it goes on Grocery Store Shelves.

Medical-Chiropractic -Osteopathic-Veterinary Doctors are not taught these facts, so they do not know that the foods and the Chemicals Drugs they are telling their clients and patients to consumme are killing them.

Thank you for reading this document. We can win this war together, but we have to tell People "What is in it for Me" because we Humans are a Self Centered Being and we are taught to be that way form the outset.

Eric Weisman, DC is a scientist and works at Evolution Pet Foods experimenting and developing Vegan Pet Foods and Non Drug Supplement Formulations for Disease All experimental-developmental work at Evolution Pet Foods and Evolution Health Sciences use Non Vivisection Techniques that are only tested on Family Pets in Loving Homes and not in biased incarcerating laboratory procedures .

Eric Weisman 237 days ago

It's too bad that Wayne

It's too bad that Wayne thinks that it is okay for us to eat animals. It's too bad that he actively promotes the eating of animals. And it's too bad that he thinks it's a good idea to have people who slaughter 50,000 pigs on his board of directors at HSUS.

Hal 275 days ago

Thank you for featuring this

Thank you for featuring this enlightening interview. I am hopeful that society is nearing a tipping point where a significant portion of the world population awakens to the needless suffering of animals.

Steve O. 278 days ago

Thank you for sharing this

Thank you for sharing this interview. I too am heartened by the "little by little" change, and try to challenge those who have bought into the anti-HSUS vitriol. The animal exploitation industries are fighting HSUS mightily with PR propaganda, which means they are scared of Wayne. Hats off to him!

Janet T 278 days ago

I will definitely read this

I will definitely read this book. Thanks for publishing an interview with a major animal protectionist.

Benedette 279 days ago

Thanks to The Progressive for

Thanks to The Progressive for publishing this excellent interview!!

I have all too often been disappointed that many of my fellow Progressives can't see beyond the species barrier. We should respect animals for the same reasons we should respect all humans, including those that are disenfranchised. We all have emotions, intelligence, and sentience. We all would rather live than die. Our obligation to spare animals needless suffering, both physical and psychological, is no different than our obligation to respect our fellow humans, no matter their color, sex, sexual orientation, income level, etc. Because animals are different than us is no excuse for abuse, unless you believe that might makes right. And respecting animals doesn't mean praying/honoring them before we eat them, it means not eating their body parts and reproductive secretions (milk and eggs).

My fellow progressives often mock conservatives for denying climate change. Yet, those who acknowledge the gravity of our situation and continue ignoring the compelling scientific evidence indicating the necessity of embracing plant-based eating in order to greatly reduce our carbon footprints, are, perhaps, exhibiting an even greater level of denial.

Stewart 279 days ago

A great interview, and Wayne

A great interview, and Wayne Pacelle has been a truly great president of HSUS. The Humane Economy is a must-read book for anyone who feels that the battle against cruelty to animals is hopeless. It isn't. I've been involved in the movement since 1970, and there has been more change in the past decade than in all the previous years. I'm sure more lies ahead. Let's hope Wayne is right about change in China too -- that's the big uncertainty in the global picture.

Peter Singer 280 days ago

Thank you for this very

Thank you for this very informative article. I ordered Wayne's book right away.

Alexandra 280 days ago

With no illusions about the

With no illusions about the enormous difficulties of animal activism and the plight of animals on the planet, I am heartened by the progress for animals expressed in this Interview including the fact that the progressive community is starting to show a more active concern for and interest in animals and their situation. I hope so. Thank you for publishing this worthwhile discussion. Karen Davis, President, United Poultry Concerns

Karen Davis 280 days ago

All well and good, but it

All well and good, but it will likely prove futile unless we get a handle on the planet's major problem: gross human overpopulation, to the detriment of all other life (and non-living) forms. Already too late for thousands of species we've driven to extinction.

Eric Mills, coordinator

Eric Mills 280 days ago

As Alan Weisman demonstrates

As Alan Weisman demonstrates in "Countdown", governments have come up with non coercive and effective plans to encourage smaller families. The only continent still experiencing explosive population growth is Africa, but population will inevitably continue t o rise everywhere because of the current numbers of humans on the ground. Ideally we could quickly get to an average fertility of 1.98 children per woman, leading to a very gradual decrease in population. How to get there? Universal education of women and access to safe, effective birth control, plus culturally normalizing an ideal of a small family. We've got work to do. Check out Population Connection and other organizations, and break through the taboo by discussing the importance of the situation at every opportunity.

Debbie Elliott 264 days ago

The tiger nearly drowned

The tiger nearly drowned while taping Life of Pi-yet the standard "No animals were harmed"label was there. I guess you feel near drowning is not harmful?

phyllis smith 280 days ago

Perhaps Phyllis Smith should

Perhaps Phyllis Smith should read the interview before commenting -- especially the part where I raise concern about the Humane Society of the United States, Pacelle's organization, being mixed up in people's minds with the American Humane Association, which stamps its "No Animals were Harmed" label on films.

Karen Dawn 279 days ago

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