Letter from California: Field Notes on a State in Drought



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The "facts' are not true.

The "facts' are not true. They, the chicken little , screamers are cooking the books. The rainfall in my back (Fresno Ca) yard measured by three different rain guages consistently records twice the rainfall reported in the Fresno Bee. The measurements have been taken over the last three years.
Point #2 the earth is forever in change. Man in not in control of the earth. Sure you can polute, No one can pollute , or cleanse itself like mother nature. Ever hear of Mt St Helens? Katrina, lightening fires, tornadoes, asteroids, sun spots, sumani, earthwuakes, ice storms. This has been going on since the beginning of earth,

oran Wallis more than 1 year ago

Ha! California's water

Ha! California's water shortage is the fault of Leftist policies. If they weren't so busy 'protecting' 'endangered' snail darters and long-tailed rats, they could build dams and have plenty...

Nidalap more than 1 year ago

Will you please review the

Will you please review the facts./ 47% (NOT 80%) of calif water goes to agriculture.

harold helbock more than 1 year ago

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