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I married a Colombiana in

I married a Colombiana in November, having travelled here from New Zealand five times in the past four years, and now live in Bello, to the north of the city, I have never felt threatened, though am careful, without being paranoid, listen to the advice of locals re safety, wearing jewellery openly etc and avoid certain neighbourhoods. As in most big cities. Considering Medellin's past reputation, it is an exciting time to be living here (and add to that the peace negotiations). It's a new year tonight - may the optimisim and change continue.

Mike A more than 1 year ago

Mike, I visited Medellin for

Mike, I visited Medellin for three months this year. I lived in the Poblado area , but I found the Bello area the place that I would like to be in. I plan to return in the next two months from Northern California. I am doing alright with the Spanish and was surprised to find very few that spoke English. I am including my email for you or anyone that I could connect with to learn more........Gracias, richarddeanburton@yahoo.com Richard

Richard Burton more than 1 year ago

traveled to medellin four

traveled to medellin four times this year. like the author i am also from milwaukee. i must say, medellin is a very impressive city. i found the paisas to be extremely friendly and welcoming, much more than the natives of my city. there are many beautiful areas of the city and public transportation is excellent. certain areas of the city rivaled any great north american city in many aspects, and also you can't beat the perfect year round weather!

james more than 1 year ago

medellin can be a nice city

medellin can be a nice city and also dangerous city. you have to be very careful where your going and what you are doing, somebody is always watching you here, more so if your a foreigner.

mike reynolds more than 1 year ago

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