Just How Scary Is Donald Trump?



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Does Progressive Magazine

Does Progressive Magazine have even the slightest concern for people in other countries, specifically Libya, Syria, Iraq, Haiti, Honduras, or Ukraine? Because supporting Hillary, even if it's against Trump, is to say that those people's lives don't matter at all. Hillary can slaughter as many people in foreign countries as she pleases, and somehow still be the "lesser evil."

I will vote for Trump because he wants to normalize relations with Russia, because he wants to stop overthrowing foreign governments, and because he wants to pull back the unsustainable US Empire. NATO is basically the mafia at this point, overthrowing Gaddafi for 143 tons of gold, oil wealth, and currency control. Even more important is that Trump wants to stop antagonizing Russia, risking a hot-war between the two nuclear superpowers.

We've also seen the devastation that comes from NAFTA, and unlike Hillary, Trump will spike the TPP, TTIP, and TiSA. Overall, the world is in chaos largely because the US can't help itself from intervening anywhere and everywhere; it keeps the MIC profits rolling. If the options are a travel ban, or continuing to slaughter thousands of Muslims with flying death robots, I'll take the former every time.

Progressive.org 261 days ago

I will be voting for Trump

I will be voting for Trump because a Trump presidency could be so awful that this country breaks apart. I look forward to what might come next.

Progressive.org 266 days ago

I'll tell you why as a young

I'll tell you why as a young white "dudebro", I'll be voting for trump. I myself, as all others like me I'm sure, have been called racist, sexist, and any other "ist" there is. I have grown, being told I'm responsible for all there is wrong in the world. I have come to accept that, and I don't mind being called that anymore, because every white dude like me is racist anyways I've been told. So, there it is, this candidate doesn't care being called all the names in the world, and he gives me hope, that I, like others, can be respected in our country, and stop this hate that the young generation of white guys face.

Progressive.org 281 days ago

Some good news: In eleven

Some good news: In eleven nationwide polls, Sanders defeated Trump by an average of 8.27 percent.
(Clinton, in fifteen nationwide polls, defeated Trump by an average of 6.73 percent.)

And don't polls suggest that the more clearly and positively Sanders focuses on how he'd work for more jobs and better wages, the more likely he is to win?

Progressive.org 304 days ago

Doesn't sound like all that

Doesn't sound like all that good news to me, because no matter how "clearly and positively" Sanders focuses on how he'd work for more jobs and better wages, Hillary is still going to be the nominee.

Trump has his best shot against Hillary Clinton, and she hasn't even begun to experience that nauseating fascist spew his Julius Streicher style hate speech at her.

Progressive.org 300 days ago

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