Guns for Everyone: Shows Set Low Bar for Who Can Get a Lethal Weapon



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I have read the comments once

I have read the comments once, then I read them twice, I looked over the facts, And found that they're precise...

except, maybe, technically, calling the M4 a "submachine" gun. However, the West Bend vendor did refer it as such, in conversation and on the tag tied to the trigger guard thing-y. And the lit that Google spits up uses the word pretty liberally, and often, even in reference to civilian versions. At any rate, didn't mean to break brains by inadvertently implying the gun was fully automatic when it was merely a semi-automatic. What's a few bullets per minute, really?

Oh, the horror!

Nathan J. Comp more than 1 year ago

Guns for everyone:Shows set

Guns for everyone:Shows set low bar for who can get a lethal weapon. A lethal weapon? Thank you for your repeated duplicate redundant redundancy. :)

Kevin Smith more than 1 year ago

So if we have just one more

So if we have just one more restriction on American Citizens then we will have paradise? I don't think so. One more limit on freedom is just that - one more limit on freedom.

Kevin Smith more than 1 year ago

Convicted felons know that

Convicted felons know that they are prohibited from owning firearms. Is it the fault of a citizen if the felon lies to them (the seller) in buying a firearm? I have gone to a gun show before and found it a clean and positive venue/environment. I have bought firearms from private sellers and they have always asked to see my I.D. to verify I am a resident of the state and if I am a felon. I was a resident of the state and am not a felon and the sale(in cash) was accomplished.

When you(Nathan J. Comp) attend a gun show, you cherry pick every slanderous situation you can conceivably sort out of the day and ensue to disparage gun-owning citizens of America. Citizens are armed, subjects aren’t.

Question on specifics: your opening sentence asserts that you were offered to purchase a "submachine gun". Was it actually a fully-automatic class 2 weapon, or was it in fact only a semi-automatic firearm? The civilian variant of the 'Spectre' M4 in 9mm is only semi-automatic, which is no different that the Beretta 92fs(US Military calls it the M9) or the Glock 17/19/29/36 which are used by many police departments around the country.

Your most powerful and dangerous tool is your mind. If you(Nathan J. Comp) are holding a firearm in your hands are you a tool with a weapon, or a weapon with a tool?

I must ask, what is your ideal end-goal of gun control? I support the rights of all mankind to self-defense. The greatest breaches of this right have occurred in Hitler’s National-Socialist party when it controlled Germany(1940’s), and in Stalin's Soviet Russia(1930’s) and in Pol-Pots Communist Cambodia(1970’s) or Mao's Communist China(1960’s). All of these examples had a dis-armed populace where millions were slaughtered. I don’t want that to happen here.

My end-goal is peace and freedom and prosperity. I believe that we can achieve this through Liberty of the individual, fewer restrictions, and less government. Perhaps not all men are good-but i hope enough are that the future for our children and grandchildren may be bright and happy.

-David White

David White more than 1 year ago

"Submachine gun"? Really?

"Submachine gun"? Really? That is how you choose to start off your anti-gun article to your anti-gun audience? With a big fat lie?

It is obvious from the context, well at least obvious to any informed person, that the so-called "submachine gun" in question is actually a self-loading pistol, and a rather heavy, clumsy and impractical pistol at that. It isn't even a true semi-automatic pistol since it has a long clunky double-action trigger pull like a revolver.

But hey, fear sells right? So call the clumsy clunky pistol a machinegun to scare your audience.

Brad more than 1 year ago

I'm thinking you should

I'm thinking you should perhaps study the firearms laws a little more. One cannot transfer a Class III firearm (full auto.... if indeed, the gun you speak of, was truly full auto) to another individual. All transfers must be done through a Class III dealer.

Btw... how much did he want? Most ancient full auto's go for a minimum of 9K.... if newer, close to 20K. Supply and demand and all.

Just think, if you had known about buying 'machine guns', you could have very easily informed a local cop (there were cops there, right)? Or, better yet, call ATF and they would have caught the guy.

Phil Briggs more than 1 year ago

Nathan Comp is a freelance

Nathan Comp is a freelance tyrant

Nathan Comp more than 1 year ago

A perfect example! First of

A perfect example! First of all a “Spectra M4” by design classifies it as an NFA weapon. Without prior going through proper permitting with the ATF is prison time for the buyer and the seller. But wait! Considering that any automatic weapon manufactured after 1971 cannot legally be owned by US civilians and this gun was not invented until the mid 80’s a person cannot even get a permit to own one. Even having possession of one is prison time. Try to sell one and they throw away the key. They could also get the guy for illegally importing firearms. So this guy was blatantly, openly, publicly, and without fear of imprisonment selling illegally imported arms. So that said, how does anyone thing writing new gun laws would have an effect on stopping gun crime?

Troy Scott more than 1 year ago

You clearly have no idea what

You clearly have no idea what you're talking about. If, in fact, you were actually looking at a "Spectre M4 submachine gun"-- which I doubt-- it is a fully automatic weapon which means any transfers require a CLASS III dealer and a tax stamp from the BATFE. Sub-machine guns were NOT "one of the nineteen firearms outlawed in 1994 under the federal assault rifle ban " since automatic weapons were not included on this list of semi-auto weapons.

If you don't know the difference, you shouldn't be writing articles about guns.

Jose Mariachi more than 1 year ago

The Spectre M4 in the article

The Spectre M4 in the article is a civilian, semi auto. It's not a machine gun. But it's a "scary black gun" to the author, so equally dangerous.

Andrew Wilson more than 1 year ago

After reading the article, I

Written by an anti gun person, for sure...

After reading the article, I've concluded that the "machine gun" was just a regular modern sporting rifle, only semi auto, and not a real machine gun.

And no, anti-gun-control people's thoughts are NOT "Because there is nothing anyone can do that people who shouldn’t have guns can’t get them, the best policy is to do nothing."
We simply don't see the point of adding new laws, when the old ones aren't enforced.
I just read today about how 0bama let all those drug dealers with felony gun convictions out of prison.

person more than 1 year ago

Why do you hate the

Why do you hate the constitution and freedom so much?

CJ more than 1 year ago

Stopped reading after you

Stopped reading after you described the gun you were going to buy as a "machine gun." It is not. The fact that you don't even know this....

Beatbox more than 1 year ago

What a load of nonsense! This

What a load of nonsense! This particular firearm (if in fact it was fully automatic ... which I highly doubt) is covered under the federal NFA act and is heavily regulated by ATF. It requires a $200 tax stamp, fingerprints with an application to ATF and a 9 month waiting period for them to approve the transfer.
What you more than likely were looking at was the civilian SEMI-AUTO version that was produced during the 80s and 90s which does NOT fire 150 rounds per minute, it fires one round every time you pull the trigger.
Try doing a little more research before you run off with your hair on fire!

DC Dalton more than 1 year ago

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