The Green Energy Revolt



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Debbie Dooley is doing very

Debbie Dooley is doing very important work for the people. She's right, it comes down to free choice. Solar power technology represents a new choice in energy production. The existing energy monopolies are obviously not happy with this new threat to their business model. At the end of the day, freedom of choice and free markets is what defines America. We will have our freedom of choice. We will have distributed solar power.

Nick Tedesco -

Nick Tedesco more than 1 year ago

Free markets, by definition,

Free markets, by definition, wouldn't have to force anyone to do anything. "Green energy" is not bad, it just hasn't come far enough along, technologically, to be able to realistically provide society's energy needs. Trying to force our nation to transition to some kind of unrealistic "green energy" society is just another ploy to weaken it. The Communists will say they're going to do it too, but that's like them saying they'll get rid of their nukes, you know, if we do it first...

Nidalap more than 1 year ago

Not a single mention of the

Not a single mention of the largest source of clean green low carbon energy... nuclear power!

Why do progressives avoid what has obviously worked in both France and Ontario?!

Andrew Dodson more than 1 year ago

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