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I recall visiting a nursing

I recall visiting a nursing home that specialized in residents with Cerebral Palsy. I called a resident and set up an appt to come by to visit. I worked for the state at the time but was doing this on my own time. I use a wheelchair for mobility myself but have always lived independently. A nursing home staff person tried to deny me entrance and, when that didn't work, to sit in on my visit. I reported this behavior back up the chain.

Mary McKnew 267 days ago

My cousin became quadriplegic

My cousin became quadriplegic at the age of 22 as the result of an accident. I don't have to tell you the difficulties she underwent, but at least, she never had to enter a nursing home. She was an only child and she and her parents lived reasonably well for many years. Later, when her parents were in their eighties, they and Judy financed extensive research to decide which would be the best place for Judy after they had died. Sadly--or maybe not, who knows?--Judy predeceased them at the age of 55. I loved her a lot and think about her often. I have no answers for Norma, but I wish there was a facility that was designed for younger disabled people, not simply nursing homes concentrating on the elderly.

Rosemary Molloy 269 days ago

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