Farm Workers in Two Countries Boycott Driscoll’s Berries



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Driscolls is not a good

Driscolls is not a good company. They try to act like they care about the community. One example is that they donate to the Central Coast YMCA. The CCYMCA is engaged in discrimination of the elderly, disabled and the poor, the very people they set out to help. The CEO (Andy Weighill) claims every penny goes to the disabled and the poor. Really? Every penny? Sounds like a scam and Driscolls is a part of it. Avoid buying Driscolls strawberries until they can prove that they are concerned with the community. Giving to the Y is not proof.of that. 256 days ago

This comment has zero merit

This comment has zero merit and is obviously made by a disgruntled idiot! 245 days ago

Joe, please provide facts.

Joe, please provide facts. 245 days ago

This is a great example as to

This is a great example as to why your site is considered not to be credible. This comment was posted by Abe Zubow, not "Joe" who has been thrown out of every gym in Hollister. He does not care about farm workers just wants to slander people without merit. What a JOKE! 245 days ago

Here's a link to a facebook

Here's a link to a facebook page with photos from the latest demonstrations against Driscoll's and Costco:

Here's also the webpage for Familias Unidas por la Justicia and the Driscoll's boycott: 296 days ago

Hello from the road!

Hello from the road!

Familias Unidas por la Justicia is half way through their West Coast tour having made stops in 10 cities in Oregon and California! At each stop union president Ramon Torres and union member Lazaro Matamora have called for local boycott committees to continue the boycott of Driscoll's berries at Costco and Whole Foods until union contracts are signed by Familias Unidas por la Justicia in WA and El Sindicato Independiente Nacional Democrático de Jornaleros Agricolas in Mexico. Until then BOYCOTT DRISCOLLS!!

On March 31st FUJ is taking the fight directly to the corporate bosses of Driscolls! FUJ and surrounding Boycott Committees will be at Driscolls headquarters in Watsonville, CA demanding that Driscolls do the right thing and get their suppliers to negotiate union contracts.

We want you to join us! Hold a solidarity picket line at Costco or Whole Foods on March 31st! Or call in to Driscolls (831)-763-3259 to let them know that you are in support of independent farmworker unions FUJ and El Sindicato! Boycott until contracts!

Hasta al Fin,

The Boycott Coordination Team 296 days ago

I too would like updates on

I too would like updates on this issue. But even another year later, Driscolls has still not sat down with the San Quintin union! 306 days ago

i stop buying them years ago

i stop buying them years ago when i found the amount of pesticides they use... any benefit the fruit will give is null by the charge of glyphosate or chemicals they spray on the berries... now i only buy organic ones 307 days ago

Got some Driscoll

Got some Driscoll strawberries. I thought they were unusually huge which implies to me the use of Monsanto's chemicals. Now I'm reading your comments about the use of pesticides. Seriously not worth the effort and totally not HEALTHY!!!!!! 257 days ago

The information in this

The information in this article is a year old, what has happened since spring 2015? I haven't been able to find any more recent information. 311 days ago

https://boycottsakumaberries 231 days ago

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