The Electoral College Lets Losers like Trump Become President



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The frustration of Nichols

The frustration of Nichols and other leftists stems from their perennial desire to centralize power in the federal government while diminishing the power of states (and individuals). A dismantling of our republican government will indeed require amendments to the Constitution. This won't be easy, as the smaller states will resist. Getting the bigger blue states to award their votes to the collective choice of the other states is your better bet.

Billy 149 days ago

Billy, can you provide a

Billy, can you provide a definition of "Leftist" that is consistent with its origins around the time of the French Revolution?

Don Salmon 146 days ago

I have no desire to do that.

I have no desire to do that. I use the term as understood in present-day USA.

Billy 144 days ago

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