DREAMer: Coming Out as Undocumented



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This burden of fear so many

This burden of fear so many "undocumented" immigrants suffer just because they are here "illegally," comes from our obsession with nationalism when--SURPRISE!!!--we are all EARTHLINGS! We live, all of us, on a planet, not on a country. We all belong here and all have the right to live and learn and love and make our lives fulfilling and contributing.
No Angy, don't cry. Stand up and cry out above all the fear and trepidation that you deserve, just as much as all the rest of us. Like Townes Van Zandt's father told him "don't let the bastards get you down

Steve K. more than 2 years ago

I hope everything will work

I hope everything will work out for you, Angy. I know those of us who share the same story or sympathize with undocumented are not nearly as ouspoken as those who are filled with fear and ignorance. But I do wholeheartedly hope that you along with your family and people in your position will get a fair chance of becoming legal residents. Best of luck to you, Angy.

Rick more than 2 years ago

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