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North Americans (esp) are

North Americans (esp) are scared of 'socialism', they've been *trained* that way! So let's re-brand it and proffer it under another name, then who (except the insane), could object to anything which was good for 'ordinary folk' and the 'common-wealth', featuring co-operation, health, welfare, decent work and education?

Out of work? Well ... life is increasingly complex, but at root we still have basic needs of shelter and food. So maybe a return – quite literally – to our *roots* would help? Small or large plots of land can supply good food, even urban front yards! Small growers often tend to coalesce and co-operate, then local stalls / markets can be set up. Ditto crafts people: they can readily teach, learn skills, then make, barter, or sell things. People then can at least thrive, be active, and feel healthy and useful.

The arts and crafts, theater, *dancing and music making* all help people move in harmony and unison! :) ... and can be achieved with very low tech and little money... as can home education and local health facilities. We could move away from the thieving, greedy claws of 'The Man' and build what we need. Such *fresh starts* are peaceful, eminently useful, and would act as exemplars to others, thus seeding a new way of life (and a radical new Movement?) which others can or could copy...

And this isn't pie-in-the-sky stuff: I've been there, and done it! It works, and it's working for the impoverished people of (eg) Greece right now. Trust! – There really IS life after sharp suits, fast cars, harsh cities and 'smart' phones!

Kindred Sprite more than 1 year ago

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