Dark Money’s Front Man



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Good job, The Progressive.

Good job, The Progressive. You know you've written an accurate assessment when the shills come belching about "free speech, pre-dawn raids, and nazi's" - the last desperate gasp of self-obsessed special interests. Dog-whistle all you want, shills, the national trend toward corruption favors your efforts but do note, your attempts are getting old, obvious, and expose you as the drama-queens you are. Shouting down the logic centered true-patriots opposing you is having less and less effect as the truth about your America-dissolving heroes/agents are coming into the light. You look silly and unhinged.

TearsInYourCheerios 218 days ago

Money does not buy elections.

Money does not buy elections. Were that a valid axiom, Meg Whitman would have Gov. Jerry Brown's position; she burned $140 million of her own money and still lost. Same for JEB Bush........burning through millions, he remains a loser and earned 2% of Iowa's primary vote.
There should be no limits to freedom of speech!

Freedom is a progressive idea.

nota taxbigot more than 1 year ago


The "John Doe" harassments were shameful and The Progressive should not support them. Americans should be free to voice their political opinions without fear of early-morning raids by SWAT teams and gag orders that prohibit even consultations with an attorney. Americans who value liberty reject such Nazi tactics.

MS more than 1 year ago

There has already been a

There has already been a precedent ruling at the SCOTUS, exact same issues as with Doe 2, essentially the buying of state Supreme Court justices. In Massey vs Caperton. In addition, the first person sent to prison was a Republican operative that did the exact same thing that Walker did, coordination with outside groups, under Citizen's United laws. He got a 2 year prison sentence . https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/crime/feds-want-nearly-4-year-sentence-for-republican-operative-convicted-of-illegal-coordination/2015/06/11/7ecbdc72-0ed0-11e5-9726-49d6fa26a8c6_story.html


This is why Republicans in Wisconsin are sweating it.

Annie more than 1 year ago

The John Doe investigators

The John Doe investigators were totally out of control and their investigation was a never ending witch hunt. The judges ruled there was no evidence to support continuing this investigation. It was all rumors and inuendos. The John Doe investigators used this as a way to continually harass Scott Walker and any organizations that supported him. The judges acted properly and shut down the John Doe. Eric O'Keefe should be thanked for pushing term limits.

Haywood Jablome more than 1 year ago

I'm not American my self, but

I'm not American my self, but America seems to me like the only country in the world where dollar millionairs and even billionairs can absolutely shamelessly and openly sit and discuss and cry out how unfair the world is, and how government is always haunting them.
Always pointing on a constitution written well over twohundered years ago, which they, with out blinking would change themself and invoke new acts on, when ever it would benifit them selves.
And all this in a country that have 50 million people living under poverty limits.

Christopher more than 1 year ago

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