Chris Christie: School Bully



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Unfortunately, Christie's

Unfortunately, Christie's teacher-bashing plays with the Republican base nationally. The more his popularity plummets in NJ, a blue state, the more he can say, "See, they hate me here because I'm taking on the pointy-headed, liberal teachers and their unions which are wrecking the state morally and financially." Meanwhile, no one outside NJ knows the state has good public schools. All they hear about are the failures of the inner cities, especially with Newark still in receivership and needing Mark Zuckerberg to bail it out.

Carl Blumenthal more than 2 years ago

Well said, Mark. Christie is

Well said, Mark. Christie is a bully with a horrible temper. He sits smugly in the DalIlas owner's box instead of spending his time helping the people of NJ. I am not sure there are any people not related to him who would vote for him now. I vote in NC now but if he runs for president I will inform my southern neighbors of the "real" Christie.

Fran Dwyer more than 2 years ago

I would agree with you whole

I would agree with you whole heartedly that he has vilified teachers. There are teachers that are not perfect and there are great ones. Just like any profession. It is barbaric to group all 190,000 of them in nj. Sound minded people know they are not the issue. Poor administration is more of a problem then most v recognize. Poor decisions by the department b of education cost us much. But most of all robb I ng pension funds to pay for political mishaps is the true problem. I do not agree throwing money at education will fix things. Small class size is essential for educational success. It is that simple. All the other brain storms are a waste of money and time. Down with Christy. He is an awful bully of a man.

Paul Stanziale more than 2 years ago

All the people in education

All the people in education (especially Newark) know that he is a liar and thief. He stole and sold entire school districts!

Tony P more than 2 years ago

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