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"...releasing information

"...releasing information that damaged the Democrats..." is a rather disingenuous way of saying "releasing candid conversations showing what important Democrats really think". Progressives should be outraged by the way they sandbagged Bernie.

Billy 110 days ago

*Trump's unresolved conflicts

*Trump's unresolved conflicts of interest​ and​ related national security​ issues​ we ignore at our peril.*  

Resolve them before the Congressional election certification to preserve democracy from kleptocracy and national sovereignty! 
The Dec. 16 document "The Emoluments Clause: Its Text, Meaning, And Application to Donald J. Trump" by Eisen, Painter, and Tribe is at  

The comments section includes: 
1)  Statements on Dec. 21 and Jan. 1 calling to delay the Jan. 6 election certification
2)  *Jan. 2 letter to Trump from 12 orgs. plus individuals about Trump's conflicts of interest and the Emoluments Clause* 
3)  3 lists of hyperlinked articles about Trump's conflicts of interest and related national security issues 
4) 16 hyperlinked newspaper editorials arguing for a blind trust 
5)  4 videos of ​Mr. Painter​ and Mr. Eisen describing the meaning and significance of the Emoluments​ ​Clause 
6)  2 websites about the Trump-Russia-Putin ties 
7)  A list of possible reasons WHY Trump is stonewalling on tax returns and the blind trust 

Francis Lu 111 days ago

For decades US democracy was

For decades US democracy was accurately defined as 'The rule of the 1% for the 1% by the 1 %'. There is in fact little democracy in 'Representative Democracy' . And you won't get far in building a political movement that sets out to restore something which never existed in the first place.

Babeouf 112 days ago

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