California Couple Turns Grief into Change



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I must ask, what is your

I must ask, what is your ideal end-goal of gun control? I support the rights of all mankind to self-defense. The greatest breaches of this right have occurred in Hitler’s National-Socialist party when it controlled Germany(1940’s), and in Stalin's Soviet Russia(1930’s) and in Pol-Pots Communist Cambodia(1970’s) or Mao's Communist China(1960’s). All of these examples had a dis-armed populace where millions were slaughtered. I don’t want that to happen here. My end-goal is peace and freedom and prosperity. I believe that we can achieve this through Liberty of the individual, fewer restrictions, and less government. Perhaps not all men are good-but i hope enough are that the future for our children and grandchildren may be peaceful, prosperous, and free.

David White more than 1 year ago

Your daughter was killed in a

Your daughter was killed in a gun-free zone. Mass shootings also occur in gun-free zones. Terrorist attacks target gun-free zones. Do you see the trend? To reverse this I propose free-gun zones.all who enter are free to chose to be armed for self defence.

Kevin Smith more than 1 year ago

I am sorry you have lost your

I am sorry you have lost your daughter. Your sadness does not invalidate my natural right of self defence.

David White more than 1 year ago

The California gun laws

The California gun laws enacted by Amanda and Nick Wilcox and other activists have helped the state reduce its rate of gun death by double the reduction made in the rest of the nation. California's gun laws are a model for other states.(See: However, the gun industry keeps coming up with new ways to subvert California's laws and additional regulations are still needed. Every year about 8,000 Californians are shot and about 3,000 die by gunfire. Many of these deaths and injuries could be prevented by reasonable regulations that have been proven to help keep dangerous weapons out of the hands of dangerous people. There is still more work to do to make families and communities safe from gun violence.

Griffin Dix more than 1 year ago

It's unclear how any of the

It's unclear how any of the gun control legislation promoted by the Wilcox's improves the mental health system.

Most recently, Amanda Wilcox offered testimony in front of a legislative committee in order to prohibit domestic abuse survivors with valid restraining orders against their abusers from carrying a gun. Her reasoning: someone might get killed.

With her support, that person is likely to be the abused spouse.

Exactly how does that "fix" the mental health system?

The Wilcox's are a fraud. Instead of directing their anger at the mental health system and particularly the psychiatrist who failed them, they blame an inanimate object. They deserve not veneration, but ridicule.

jdberger more than 1 year ago

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