Bright Sides to a Trump Presidency



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There will soon be a run on

There will soon be a run on pitchforks. That thunder in the distance isn't just a rain storm.

village levi 135 days ago

Superb humor, the best. Thank

Superb humor, the best. Thank you so much, I am still laughing.

Joe Starr 138 days ago

PE- Unless you're just being

PE- Unless you're just being snarky, I'd like to address the concept of "Sore loser" and "Sour Grapes";
Traditionally, such an insult was lobbed at someone who didn't have the mental capacity to accept defeat, of any kind, and therefore behaved like a spoiled child and lashed out irrationally because of their loss.
Also, traditionally, the term "Sour Grapes" meant something along the lines of "I'm taking my ball and going home!" or "I'm gonna beat up everyone who didn't vote for me".

Using Sore Loser and Sour grapes to describe the response of progressives, liberals and democrats to losing to Trump is completely wrong in this context. This isn't the schoolyard. This isn't television. When democrats point out that they lost to a perversion of a president, concerned with only his immediate self, at all times... That's a little different. And I'd think the fools who want to point and say "Sore loser!" are the sorriest "winners" of all.

Dick Pissed 143 days ago

Mr. Pissed, I meant it in the

Dick, I meant it in the traditional sense that you referenced. Many Dems, including the "humorist" who wrote the article, are not making thoughtful responses to their candidate and ideology failing. Instead, they are hurling insults and acting smug, like the spoiled child you wrote about. Trump wasn't an ideal candidate and I voted for someone else in the primary. But Dems need to acknowledge that Hillary was at least as bad as Trump. And they should also acknowledge that Obama's pen and phone, and Reid's nuclear Senate, and Lerner's weaponized IRS are developments that progressive may soon come to regret. Am I a sorry winner? You can judge, but don't delude yourself. Direct some of you ire at the so-called humorist I was responding to.

Billy 141 days ago

Would have loved to have seen

Would have loved to have seen 'Ole Bill and Hill in the oval office and all the good stuff they could have done to improve the country. Will just have to get used to Donald being the " Don " and hope he can make things work for the guy on the street in "Flyover America" where we need some help. So when you fly over us, please drop some $$ from your helicopter!

Always hopeful,

Jack 143 days ago

Are you kidding? No? Well,

Are you kidding? No? Well, then, I'm on board ...

Larry English 145 days ago

Ha! Sour grapes from a sore

Ha! Sour grapes from a sore loser. It sounds sweet to me.

the public editor 146 days ago

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