Black America's State of Surveillance



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Almost everything you're

Almost everything you're claiming is false. Truth is, blacks are less likely to be shot by law enforcement and there's overwhelming proof of that.

PAC 292 days ago

This is exactly right. All

This is exactly right. All the abuses that now trouble "decent white folk" have been perfected over decades on minorities and the decent white folks were not greatly troubled... then.

First they came for the.... Yeah, exactly like that.

David more than 2 years ago

Canada wishes to enact a

Canada wishes to enact a similar legislation to your Patriot Act; the down side is self-explanatory.

Thank You for your efforts to maintain our Democratic Civil Rights and Freedoms, that millions died for in the past to preserve and prevent valid security issues from becoming the ‘feigned alarm’ pretexts for tighter government control with less accountability.

Bill-C51 Targeting Our Democratic Institutions and Creating False Positives

I am presently self-represented together with an assisting law office team in Ottawa, lead by Mr. Ernest Tannis, expert at Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) for advancing my multi-faceted case to the courts, a case which intrinsically relates to the proposed legislation Bill – C51, tabled in Parliament.

THE CONDITIONING My case is a prime example of why Bill-C51 should be nixed in Parliament. The 'conditioning' of the public to 'perceived terrorist threats' by the present government through the media is in full swing. If implemented and based on the lack of correcting a false positive: (my case), the 'conditioning' of Bill-C51's enforcers will most likely be inclined to 'shoot first' and don't answer questions later; which I have been a recipient of together with widespread character maligning to denigrate my claim.

POOR TRACK RECORD It is a fact that the poor track record to-date of affected ‘whistle blowers’ attaining public visibility shows that agents of CSIS, CSEC, and the RCMP ( counterpart to your NSA, CIA and FBI) and the their agencies have no interest in correcting any 'wrongs' committed to innocent and normal law abiding citizens and immigrants in Canada. They would possibly be immune by attempting to defray relevant , if not critical evidence, would now be allowed to be ‘invisible’ with Bill-C51’s potential full implementation.

THE SOPHISTICATED TECHNOLOGY Being a victim of micro-chipping has broadened my introspection of the million dollar question of who the perpetrators were and possible motives. I have a variety of possibilities but don't want to waste your time expounding on each. However the possibilities narrow down to 'professional-medical-scientific' as the sophistication and ingenuity behind my removed US Pat. No. 6205361 microchip ( Advanced Bionics, Ca ) is remarkably more advanced ( silicon micro circuitry encased in a protein based substance and hermetically sealed to prevent immune rejection ) than a simple RFID. My 'test case' - 'guinea-pig' theory may not be too far fetched. The 'security' fit for such a remarkable device is immense and very hard to detect even by seasoned physicians as it mimics at a glance, calciferous growth or chronditis.
The benzidine-molybdic acid test easily detected a silicon concentrated substance as attested to by David Ayling, witness to my microchip removal; 2 stages-the metallic filament 27 Dec 2008 and the main part at the Albany Clinic 16 August 2012. David died 13 March 2014. The State of Michigan has strict laws regarding the possession of psychotronic weapons which can be bought for $500 (a palm sized unit-disrupts bio-tissue causing cancer) . David Ayling died of a brain tumor; he was playing tennis for 11/2 hrs 3 weeks prior to his death; suspect psychotronic weapon effects.

SURVEILLANCE - EVIDENCE OF FALSE POSITIVE THWARTED I should have invited the media on 29 July 2014, Health Professions Appeal Review Board (HPARB) Panel Hearing 151 Bloor St W, Toronto Ontario Canada. when my agent pulled a vial containing my removed microchip from his briefcase and the Chair stood up and said " we are not here today for the truth, justice or evidence; we are here today to look at the reasonableness and adequacy of your claim against Dr. Jeffrey Chernin ( Director, Mental Health-Health Canada, represented by a Crown Attorney). I and agent were speechless. The very reason for the 'delusional' was the microchip belief. A case of bureaucratic protocol superseding logic and truth.

Evidence of a ‘false positive’ target person; as myself recognizing it, he/she will likely be deemed ‘delusional’ by psychiatrists, thus undermining any serious ‘collateral damage’. This aspect is an almost perfect tool for curtailing protest/grievance and if needs be maintaining either on-going surveillance or non-lethal harassment.

One reason this technology has remained a state secret is the widespread prestige of the psychiatric Diagnostic Statistical Manual IV produced by the US American Psychiatric Association (APA) and printed in 18 languages. Psychiatrists working for U.S. (and Canadian) intelligence agencies no doubt participated in writing and revising this manual. This psychiatric ‘bible’ covers up the secret development of microchip (MC) technologies by labelling some of their effects as symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia (or delusional )

NEEDLESS FEAR FACTOR I fear for all Canadian protesters regarding subjective/objective issues, non-ethnic Canadians and especially those with law abiding Muslim backgrounds, who would now have to go to sleep at night with 'fear' on their minds after the possible implementation of Bill-C51, which overall will hurt Canadians infinitely more than the threat of terrorism.

With the passage of Bill-C51, now one half the population can go to bed feeling secure. The other poorer half of all races, with a large percentage who are more exposed to all facets of law enforcement down to it's lowliest mis-demeanor derivative, can now go to bed with possible fear. Real security work is tough but let’s not take shortcuts at the expense of our private, civil and democratic rights.

The following unknown authored expression holds : "In times of universal deceit, speaking the truth is most likely seen as a revolutionary act"- therefore thinking along with this vein of thought, any democratic protest or expression presently allowed may not be tolerated after implementation of Bill-C51.

G-D Bless Canada/USA and all freedom loving democratic nations.

Yours Sincerely;

Capt. Gary Kassbaum M.M. 647-853-4552

Capt. Gary Kassbaum M.M. more than 2 years ago

Dear Mr Kassbaum can i

Dear Mr Kassbaum can i contact you or you call me .Ive been hurt and or harrassed for years now .i would like to ask u a couple questions

wayne hubbard more than 1 year ago

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