The Koch-Adelson Ticket

Look at how contaminated by money our political system has become.

Just three days after Paul Ryan got the nod as the Republican candidate for vice president, what does he do?

Does he go to one townhall meeting after another, nonstop, to meet with voters in swing states from Wisconsin to Iowa to Ohio and Florida?

No, actually, he does make a stop.

He flies out to Las Vegas, of all places, to meet with Sheldon Adelson, the casino magnate.


Because Adelson has vowed to spend at least $100 million to defeat President Obama.

Do you have $100 million to invest in this election?

Well, then, you don’t have an equal voice in our so-called democracy.

I wasn’t surprised by Ryan’s Vegas jaunt, though.

He goes where the rightwing money is.

After all, he’s spent his career bouncing on the knees of the Koch Brothers.

So it’s easy for him to bounce on Adelson’s knees, too.

Ryan is an Olympic knee bouncer.

And the Romney-Ryan ticket is but a mask for the Koch-Adelson ticket.

Romney himself held a fundraiser at one of the Koch mansions just a month or two ago.

Romney-Ryan is a ticket paid for by rightwing billionaires on behalf of rightwing billionaires and headed by rightwing millionaires who do their bidding.

So beware that bumper sticker that actually reads Koch-Adelson.

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