Young Wisconsin Voters Aren’t In It Just for Bernie, Despite What the Media Say



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I totally respect Bernie

I totally respect Bernie sanders & his vision for this country. however, what upsets me is talking to people who say if Bernie sanders is not the nominee they will not vote for Hillary Clinton. I understand their loyalty & their conviction to the sanders campaign, but if they allow a republican to get into the white house, this country will regress beyond any damage Hillary Clinton would do if she were to become president. whoever the democratic nominee is I will vote for that person because the thought of a republican in the white house is disgusting.

sheilarosen more than 1 year ago

I refuse to vote for the

I refuse to vote for the lesser of two evils for starters. Secondly, Trump just wants to build a wall, Hillary starves them if not kills them with the pen. Your so institutionalize its pathetic.

Illdoitdammit 351 days ago

What horseshit...are you not

What horseshit...are you not aware the DNC met in March 2015 and CREATED the HILARY Victory Fund. The agreement was all the democratic super delegates would support Hilary, and those were in elections themselves would get money from the DNC and the Victory fund to fund their campaigns...that how HIlary has all those super delegates...Why the hell would you blame Sanders for the down ballot races....blame the lousy work of the Democratic State party and the DCN...who along with corporate media are swiftboating Sanders and committing a political assassination of Sanders...don't call yourselves progressive....please.

liz allen more than 1 year ago

You don't think it's worth

You don't think it's worth mentioning that in 2008 the presidential primary was in February and the Supreme Court election was in April, while this time they were on the same ballot? No doubt the problem of people not voting down ticket preceded Bernie Sanders, but you're still comparing apples and oranges here.

Marc more than 1 year ago

the 2008 Presidential primary

the 2008 Presidential primary was held on February 19th on the same day as the Spring Primary. Neither Court candidate was on the ballot on that day as they were the only two declared candidates in the race.

This comparison doesn't make any sense.
But even so, it wasn't Bernie voters that made the difference. Kloppenburg won 48% of the vote and 48% of the primary ballots were for Democrats. There was an undervote of over 80k for both candidates relative to the primary races. This was about turnout for the Presidential primaries, not about certain people not finishing their ballots.

tobyrockssohard more than 1 year ago

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