Young, Gifted and Black Coalition Holds Inauguration Rally



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Let me get this straight. A

Let me get this straight. A cop is attacked and he shoots and kills the attacker. This group thinks the cop is guilty of murder. At what point is a cop allowed to defend himself?

Bill Walsh more than 1 year ago

I rarely agree with

I rarely agree with Republicans nor do I vote for them but to castigate the Attorney General for stating he will aggressively pursue drug dealers and murderers is politcal pandering at its worst. Come on progressives you know we all need a healthy strong police department and laws that govern all of our behavior, to progress as civilized society. Don't get caught in Ferguson and New York problems by declaring a war on local police. Two weeks ago we had seven drive by shootings in Madison in 36 hours. We need the cops! Last year some 75 people in Madison committed over 2,000 felonies. We need the cops! We do need to give them our ideas, our concerns and our support but not our blind rhetoric.

tom heine more than 2 years ago

It's actually really scary

It's actually really scary that the police are actually unabashedly saying that they won't do anything to end police brutality. They actually do not care about the safety so many citizens.

Allison more than 2 years ago

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