Wounded beyond PTSD: War Trauma and “Moral Injury”



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Brock is on the spiritual

Brock is on the spiritual side of things - by nature of a divinity school -, and to say that you can't heal moral injury is a misnomer. There are therapies being developed to help people process their moral injuries. Look into work by Brett Litz and Bill Nash particularly, though also Joseph Currier and Craig Bryan (separately) are also conducting research in the field. It's a fast expanding field and focus of research at this time.

Sarah 129 days ago

A divinity school is exactly

A divinity school is exactly where you should be able to hear about atonement, a term literally made from "at" plus "one", look it up. To atone, you have to repent. To repent, what you did has to be repudiated. If the "treatment" is just to explain it all away, obviously that will only bury the guilt in cosmetics, giviing you a frozen smile. I'm glad at the end of the article Brock came closer to addressing the crimes involved. That's what divinity schools are for.

Christopher Rushlau 128 days ago

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