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Thoughts About Trump

Each day and typically many times per day Trump is showing Americans and the rest of the world how incredible unfit, inexperienced, knowledge challenged, and mentally unstable to be the POTUS. Plus he's a pathological liar who can't be trusted to speak the truth at any level. Within his 1st week in office, he's done considerable damage domestically and internationally. He's embarrassing the office of the POTUS, damaging our relationships with our allies and causing very strong and legitimate concerns about the danger he could be to the world.
He is a true autocrat who only knows how to throw out ill-planned executive orders. It seems like he's doing all of this to show his base he's tough plus it keeps in the acting/showing off mode - despicable. He needs to get rid of Bannon who is an absolute cancer to the values of America. And, Trump needs to go. He's a present danger to America and the rest of the world with respect to human and civil rights including LGBT rights and women rights, national and international security, climate control, world trade policies and other economic issues, and immigration rights.
We do not need the Wall and Mexico does not want it either. If it gets built, I don't want any of my tax dollars paying for it and I don't want Mexico paying for it. Our Mexican neighbors are very upset with Trump and are engaging in many discussions and planning activities attempting to deal with Trump and to help to protect their people who now reside in the U.S.
Thank you, Rich Haldi
The democratic legislators need to step-up to stop this POTUS and they are but they are not in power. So, it is very critical that the GOP get it act together so they provide restraints and limitations on the POTUS.
This is not America. It's a very very scary situation.

Richard Haldi 86 days ago

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