Why Wisconsin's Presidential Results Are So Unbelievable



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For the record, after the

For the record, after the Jill Stein recount in Wisconsin, Trump actually gained votes relative to Clinton.

the public editor 134 days ago

Early Voting Bonanza

Early Voting Bonanza!
In Wisconsin the initiation of early voting presented an excellent opportunity to insure that unwanted votes will be reduced and eliminated. Instead of recording early votes and holding the results securely until after the polls close on election day, a method was chosen that allows for easy vote manipulation. Early ballots are treated as absentee ballots. They are placed in envelopes and not secured. They are placed in open trays at the voting site within view of all voters and poll workers. During the day they are moved to a different tray where they are sorted alphabetically by voter last name.
During voting on election day the ballots are fed in to a scanner by the voter and dropped in to a secure box that holds the ballots. Each voter signs the poll list that shows who has voted. In 2011, Update #4 to the Wisconsin Photo ID Law stated that “Voters must sign the poll list before being issued a ballot, unless they identify a disability that prevents them from doing so. If the voter refuses to sign the poll list, the voter will not be issued a ballot and therefore, will not be able to vote.”
The Wisconsin Election Commission when asked about the lack of signature requirement during early voting returned the following reply: “In Wisconsin, ‘early voting’ refers to in-person absentee voting. Voters are able to cast their absentee ballots prior to Election Day but the absentee ballots are not processed and counted until Election Day with all of the other ballots cast at the polling place. As part of the absentee ballot processing, the poll workers state the voter’s name and address aloud and then make an absentee notation by their name on the poll book”. No signature was permitted during the early voting for this election.
If there was a question about the signature on any of the ballots sitting for two weeks in the trays at the polling place there was not a local signature with which to compare. The signatures on the ballot envelopes and the signatures on the voter lists, if available, could have been easily compared by both party representatives as the envelopes were opened and the ballots fed in to the vote scanning machines on Election Day.
What is the reason that the envelopes containing the voter ballots are organized alphabetically in those trays? Wisconsin and several of the northern states allow voters to return and change their vote. The ballots are kept organized and available for the rare returning voter. What happens to those votes after the polls close for the day? Are they locked in a secure box with two padlocks that have been provided by each political party with keys retained by a representative from each party? Or are they under the sole control of the partisan clerk of that municipality or district?
With the envelopes organized alphabetically by voter name, the lists of likely voter preferences can be used to easily pull the appropriate envelopes and ballots. A new ballot and envelope can be inserted in the tray with the desired markings. Envelopes are not counted, but if all blank ballots are accounted for that is not a problem. Spoiled ballots placed in an envelope will contain the same signature that is on the ballot envelope even though neither is of the actual voter. Too many spoiled ballots? No problem! Add an extra mark for a second candidate for each office to be “adjusted” on the ballot. When the ballot is fed in to the scanner on Election Day, the ballot will be rejected. The poll workers that feed the ballots can reject the ballot completely or hit the bypass button on the scanning machine and have only the adjusted offices rejected. In either case the selected candidates receive fewer votes. Since the early votes are totaled along with the Election Day votes, the number of votes rejected during the early voting period or from other absentee votes is easily disguised.
The vote recount would not uncover any changed votes as they would have been adjusted before being submitted on Election Day. According to the Wisconsin Election Commission 830,703 completed absentee early votes were available to be adjusted. What could possibly go wrong?

FOR EDITORS ONLY: Background of author: 10 years of experience as Voting Judge in Nearby state using scanning machines and touch screen machines with paper trail. 40+ years as Computer and Telecommunications Network designer, planner and project management for government and commercial enterprises. Questions? garymara@hotmail.com

Gary M 132 days ago

Much of Wisconsin, including

Much of Wisconsin, including all the suspicious places, refused hand recounts. Given that the machines are potentially compromised, a hand recount is the only way to uncover the truth.

Jacob 132 days ago

anyone have the county

anyone have the county election reports available online? or photos thereof? one was posted from Wisconsin among comments weeks ago showing 3,000 more votes for the candidates than the total number of votes cast !!!! ;-\ clearly tampered with - OR someone tampered with the screenshot that was posted (?) as a techno-ninny, i cannot say ... i only know the total votes cast should be the same number as the total number of votes counted for combined candidates ,,,, 3,000 more in one county could add up to a whole lot in a whole state~! Will a recount catch something like that if people are not looking at the county election report itself ?

lynn russell 144 days ago

How do votes compare eith

How do votes compare with exit polls? How many people have been dropped from the registration roles by party?. How do senate votes correlate with presidential votes for a district? What if a bug dropped every vote that was a straight party line democrat vote? How was voter turnout on Indian reservations? Only Menominee looks apparent.

Pat 145 days ago

What? Your spreadsheet makes

What? Your spreadsheet makes no sense to me. To start with what is the "ave margin last four years"? We vote only every four years. Do you mean average last four elections? And then, I don't see any correlation. Counties without the touch screens, like Kenosha and Racine had huge voter margin changes. Doesn't this disprove the touchscreen question?

Ken 146 days ago

negative margin... % DIFF...

negative margin... % DIFF...
Do not understand... ?

CB 146 days ago

Hacking a machine not

Hacking a machine not connected to the internet? LOL!!

Joel Wood 146 days ago

Discard all ballots that

Discard all ballots that weren't submitted with a verifiable ID.

Demolishican 146 days ago

Well, perhaps you should ask

Well, perhaps you should ask the democrats that didn't show up to the polls in the same numbers they did for the Obama election, that might help to explain why Trump won Wisconsin. Pretty simple really. Moving on...

RealTalk608 147 days ago

Always nice to see a Dane

Always nice to see a Dane County libtard's obvious media bias. Almost is bad as the Clinton News Network's (CNN) obvious slant..

Cappie Smith 148 days ago

What an insightful comment.

What an insightful comment. Thank you so much. It's so refreshing to have a reich-wing troll base an argument on something other than name-calling, speculation, and red herrings. Well done!

Chrisco 146 days ago

How can you hack a machine

How can you hack a machine that is not connected to the Internet.

myfivecents 148 days ago

How did those remote

How did those remote terminals connect to the server that the central tabulator resides on? They were networked, correct?

Chrisco 147 days ago

Put a thumb drive with some

Put a thumb drive with some software in any USB port.

Matt Hausmann 147 days ago

There's a few ways. Here's

There's a few ways. Here's one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gESv_FVtAns Here's another: http://ijr.com/wildfire/2016/11/731642-edward-snowden-demonstrates-how-easy-it-is-to-hack-a-voting-machine-all-for-just-30/ Neither require the internet, both can be done in person and quickly.

Olga 146 days ago

wi-fi, pre-loaded executable,

wi-fi, pre-loaded executable, run hack at during tabulation.

ChazMikell 146 days ago

Thank you for making these

Thank you for making these data available in Google Sheets!

Maxwell 148 days ago

Command Central.... owned by

Command Central.... owned by the nephew of the Koch bros. Right. What could possibly go wrong with that?

Elizabeth 149 days ago

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