Wisconsin is Not Arizona!



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What's racist about expecting

What's racist about expecting people to follow the law? What's racist about expecting people to ask to immigrate here? My wife is an immigrant as are at least half of my friends. They applied to immigrate and followed the rules. I don't think it's unreasonable or racist to expect that.

Progressive.org 331 days ago

Everyone in the Americas is

Everyone in the Americas is descended from immigrants, most of whom arrived without permission or papers. Certainly my ancestors did. People have always migrated, either from fear or from economic deprivation. If we don't want migrants, we could stop encouraging terrorist governments and stop destroying the economies of other countries.

Progressive.org 333 days ago

I am in full support of our

I am in full support of our Latino friends and neighbors and co-workers in Wisconsin. I hate that our extremely regressive governor and legislature are pursuing such hateful racist legislation as yet another assault on Wisconsin's revered Progressive heritage!! One of the Latino students I work with asked me on Wednesday (I am a public school educator) if I was going to the rally on Thursday. When I told him that my heart and thoughts would be with the protestors at the rally but that I would be at school helping out so that many of our other educators could go to the rally, this wise beyond his years 9 year old said "I thank-you for that". Warmed my heart.

Progressive.org 333 days ago

Proud to be a "Progressive"

Proud to be a "Progressive" supporter! Thank you again for the conscience of your work!

Progressive.org 334 days ago

Come Legally OR NOT At all

Come Legally OR NOT At all

Progressive.org 335 days ago

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