Wis. Supreme Court Upholds Voter ID, Act 10



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The big money has found the

The big money has found the way through Walker to limit and restrict government For the people and make it government For the wealthy & Corporations

Neil Forte more than 2 years ago

And the decline of American

And the decline of American Labor continues. I am sick and weary of Conservatism. We are in reverse as a nation and it is depressing.

TJ more than 2 years ago

Doesn't our, "Constitution"

Doesn't our, "Constitution" say,,, "In order to form a more perfect,,"Union"??
What does it matter what , "Name" a union has or is or for what business it is involved with and isn't it really the "Individual" who decides (for themselves) if they even want to belong to one in the first place??
Unions are a good thing,"as the Union Army" for instance and "A' union also applies to someone getting married.
As far as Public employees are concerned their , "Only" barging playing card or chip " is to belong to a union otherwise "Crooks" like Walker and his "Pocket" judges can invent any law they want to deny them that "Constitutional" law and right.
Where is the U. S. Governmental Justice Department or the FBI when you need them??

Richard more than 2 years ago

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