‘Whiteness History Month’ Is About Discomfort, Not Celebration



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WHM is not educational it is

WHM is not educational it is political and it is is hate speech directed towards people who are white.

Insanity 335 days ago

No other country in the world

No other country in the world would you see people walking around in Black Pride t-shirts going into venues with signs saying 'no whites allowed' other than the United States. From the outside looking in your country appears to be beyond pathological, and it is quite clear that the culture war against the cultural marxist lobby of social justice loons needs to be fought harder by taking away their funding. Like all middle management parasite job holders these white collar revolutionaries dry up the moment the free money stops. I feel bad for you all that you're literally funding the erosion of all social cohesion of your nation and breeding an entire new generation of racists and racial hatred by these divisive narrow scoped myopic endeavors.

Dindu more than 1 year ago

"...the project’s purpose is

"...the project’s purpose is to examine systemic oppression and not blame a particular group of people or any individuals..."


"...an examination of the systemic nature of whiteness and how it contributes to privileges and advantages..."

It is difficult to reconcile these two comments. How is this not a racist program?


a long-time white reader more than 1 year ago

As a female person of color,

I find Whiteness History Month to be an atrocity. There's nothing good about it, and it only seeks to further divide people by their race. It amazes me how much people are falling for this.

Jo more than 1 year ago

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