White Police, Black Men



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As a 73YO white guy, I get

As a 73YO white guy, I get respectful treatment from most police, as I pose no perceived threat to them. I could be an axe murderer, serial killer, or bomber, like most of the American terrorists have been.
The difference between my friends Tim or Tony and me, is the perception that I'm inherently harmless and they're not because they're black and foreign to most cops' life experiences.
This is just tragic. I know no way it'll change.
Advice to y'all: Watch several episodes of COPS to see how to behave while around John Law. Many still practice Big Me Little You, which the chief in Cincy says is not the way to interact with the public.

mr.ed more than 2 years ago

Waiting to see this headline

Waiting to see this headline on this site; "Black Murderer, Black Victims"

Gregory Creswell more than 2 years ago

Racism in America is an old

Racism in America is an old Cancer on our society. I have witnessed 60 years of it.

Michael Locklear more than 2 years ago

As a white octogenarian

As a white octogenarian female who's lived all over the country and seen every kind of discrimination and abuse by sick, ignorant, hate-filled whites, I have to apologize to Fred McKissack and other black men; you're right about the mistreatment of people who have given so much to this country -- although often involuntarily. Besides what your forbears contributed as slave labor, contemporary music is almost entirely the result of black creativity. When will we learn to appreciate the wonders that different cultures bring to the U.S.? Some white men are so insecure in their masculinity that they have to punish others -- and there are some, especially in the police force, that take a sadistic pleasure in hurting others, too often their own wives and children. We need an awful lot more mental health resources than we have. We can go to the moon, grow billionaires, and build sky scrapers, but we can't diagnose or adequately treat the psychos poisoning our society!

Margaret Lander more than 2 years ago

My former white brother-in

My former white brother-in-law, a retired Newark (NJ) police officer, used to refer to blacks as "mulignans" (pronounced "moolyans"), which comes from the Italian word meaning "eggplant," and which is a slur against blacks. I actually heard him do this.

A close black friend of mine told me her 14-year old nephew was standing outside her apartment once, doing absolutely nothing but talking to some white friends, when a white Clearwater (FL) police officer asked him what he was doing there (uh, visiting his aunt, moron, and talking to some friends).

A black student of mine told me she was stopped by white police officers (again, Clearwater, FL) one evening after she got off work when she was going to a convenience store to buy some cigarettes and was asked what she was doing out at night.

A white student of mine told me she was stopped by some white St. Petersburg (FL) police officers after dropping off a classmate at her house one evening in a predominantly black neighborhood and asked what she was doing there (presumably to buy drugs, of course).

So do I think white cops are predisposed to single out blacks unfairly, treat blacks unfairly, think the worst of blacks when they wouldn't think the same thing of a white person? Are blacks treated more unfairly in our so-called criminal justice system than whites are? Are blacks given harsher sentences than whites for pretty much the same kind of crime?

You bet your ass I do. And I am a white woman. I am also an attorney who has spent close to 15 years teaching the law and our criminal justice system to college students. And I know from experience of what I speak. Something needs to change.

Donna more than 2 years ago

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