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When was the last time you

When was the last time you heard someone say, "I just got a new job and it pays non-union scale." ?

Harley Miedema more than 1 year ago

LeftStream hit nail on the

LeftStream hit nail on the head: RTW enables people who claim to not like unions to enjoy the benefits paid for by union members without chipping in a dime toward their fair share. If the RTW people don't want to pay union dues they should not be able to take advantage of the things the union has bargained for for their dues-paying members: sick days; personal days, maternity/paternity leave; a safe workplace; paid vacations; breaks during the workday; and lunch time, just to name a few. Not to mention a living wage and cost of living increases. Those perks we take for granted today were no more than pipe dreams before unions came into the picture. And after the RTW slackers' non-payment of unions dues drives those unions to cease existing, they will once again be no more than pipe dreams.

Wake up!! If businesses really cared enough to offer those things to their employees there would have been no need for the unions.

Oh, and who ya gonna run to when some 12-15 year olds are hired to replace you because they can be paid less.

Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it. I just wish you wouldn't drag my grandchildren (and yours) back into the muck of no representation with you.
And to anonymous and all of the others that weigh in supporting RTW with some made up handle: grow a pair and sign your real name!

Spike Bandy more than 2 years ago

RTW - for freeloaders

RTW - for freeloaders

LeftStream more than 2 years ago

I understand the concern.

I understand the concern. Right to work doesn't mean you cannot join or be part of a union. It gives the employee the choice to join or to pay dues. What is wrong with having a choice? Unless I am missing something? And please do not take this as being anti anything.

freedom of choice more than 2 years ago

Every individual has the

Every individual has the right to work and should not be force to join an union.

PyTeaParty more than 2 years ago

"...If unions can’t collect

"...If unions can’t collect dues from their members, and there is no benefit to being in a union, unions will quickly cease to exist..."
Hmm. But unions can collect dues. They simply cannot compel employees to join and pay. And it is up to the union to demonstrate a benefit in order to attract support. What's not fair about that?


Anonymous more than 2 years ago

Oh for odin's sake, Scott

Oh for odin's sake, Scott walker and the Republicans should suffer like us all. If they pass it that is. Wisconsinites unite and fight this bullshit.

Jacob Sitton more than 2 years ago

Unfortunately unions are a

Unfortunately unions are a victim of their own success. I hope that the movement will be able to revive itself before we revert to the horrible extremes that created them in the first place. Eventually, when people are injured and just discarded for the next employee in line, when the "company store" is reality again, when 12 year olds are taking jobs away from adults and wages are subsistence or less for most people will wake up and realize what they've been doing to themselves. But for now the lies are too powerful, backed by too much money and the politics of envy and resentment against your neighbor to ingrained for there to be much hope. I pray I'm wrong.

doug more than 2 years ago

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