Water Rights March in Detroit



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Water and sewer systems don't

Water and sewer systems don't build and maintain themselves and the fees for them are paid by the users.

Peter more than 2 years ago

The people of Detroit have

The people of Detroit have had their water rates raised 160 % over the past decade, and consistently they have been told that these hikes were to cover the folks who did not pay. So it is clear that the water department has been recompensed through rate hikes for the people who were either unable to pay, or chose not to, for reasons that vary from family to family.

The extensive attacks, such as by FOX news and the Tea Party, on the character of Detroit citizens, 83% of whom are Afro American, are basically an appeal to the worst elements of bigoted society. And this was a political ploy as deliberate as the Willey Horton adds vilifying blacks by the Bush Senior campaign decades ago, in order to gain votes by fearful and bigoted whites.

Years ago activists and City Counselors proposed and passed a water affordability plan, which created a sliding scale for poorer residents and retirees on fixed income. But this was never implemented. Now the emergency manager has been shutting off water without notice , claiming it is needed to cover shortfalls. This is essentially double-dipping to cover the same financial shortfalls that have already been supposedly covered by water rates which have more than doubled.

So the excuse that the city water department had to "get tough" is a smokescreen for a racist policy that unevenly penalizes the Afro American community. It is hypocritical. Millions are owed the city by the corporations and businesses of Detroit. If these scofflaws, who can afford to pay, clean up their debt, the city could implement the affordability plan with little fanfare or hardship.

Unfortunately, doing the "right thing" is not part of the gentrification plan. So it took thousands of demonstrators, lawsuits, appeals to the UN, and non-violent civil disobedience to finally put a stop to the shut offs.

I urge you all not listen to racists who try to paint the suffering residents of Detroit as a bunch of dead- beats. The real cause of the problems of Detroit are much more complex, and have more to do with "banksters" and their hired lawyers and paid-off politicians. The water bills are just unaffordable for many hard working elderly residents already unable to cover their other utility bills. This sudden rush to turn off the water supply for thousands, is a travesty, and is born of greed on the part of Wall Street and ideological extremists, and not the communities of Detroit.

ben ptashnik more than 2 years ago

"We are not going to let

"We are not going to let their tricks take it away"

What in the world are they talking about? If anybody in Detroit wants free water they're more than welcome to drive to the river and take it for themselves. Of course that won't happen because they want water of a minimum quality that's been treated.... and they don't want to pay for that. What's wrong with these people?

Robert D. more than 2 years ago

You are aware of the fact

You are aware of the fact that "Detroit" is adjacent (next to) to a "Major" waterway aren't you??
That would mean that, "Detroit" and it's citizenry (and not their crooked Elected profiteers) should "Champion",, "Desalination Plants".
For those who don't understand,, Desalination Plants are like the filters you use in your home except on a larger scale and it doesn't matter how polluted our water is or can get, because these plants can, "Remove" these toxins and what ever else has been, Dumped" into it for decades and these same toxins can be, "Packaged" and mailed back to the industries, business and let's not forget, the crooked elected individuals, Past and Present, who put them there in the first place.
By the way these plants can be paid for by,, "Selling" water to other States or better yet,, back to your crooked elected governmental officials who are doing such a, Marvelous job of, "Taking care of you and your well being",,,
Good luck Detroit Citizens...

Richard more than 2 years ago

People must have water to

People must have water to survive!! This is criminal!

Marabeth Farmer more than 2 years ago

The emergency manager has no

The emergency manager has no conscience and a stone for a heart. I greatly hope that President Obama will take action to see that the people have water and that the cost of it is lowered--that the debts so far are completely forgiven.

Mrs. Ellen N. Duell more than 2 years ago

Why won't you allow readers

Why won't you allow readers to copy and paste this article to send to a friend. I don't want to sign in through Facebook and give you access to a lot of information that is none of your business. Come on, your magazine is called The Progressive. Let information flow freely.

Arthur T. Himmelman more than 2 years ago

Thanks for the excellent

Thanks for the excellent report. I learned 4 things:
1. When "Emergency Mgmt." takes over a city, the price of everything goes up.
2. The Powers That Be have created a new way for officials to take away your children (cut off water, declare home unsafe, take children).
3. The police don't like R&B! (maybe if the Sound Truck had boxes of KrispyKreme donuts aboard the cops would have looked the other way!)
4. Sports Arenas are more important than the people they were built to serve.

Loved the "Tax Wall Street" sign!

Sympathies to the residents, & the Seniors being walloped w/$600 water bills! (outrageous since Seniors likely use less water than most people).

Keep us informed!

SympathizerFromAfar more than 2 years ago

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