Watching Republicans Flail is not a Strategy



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Thank you. Turnout is key.

Thank you. Turnout is key. Whether Hillary or Bernie Sanders, the more important focus is on turnout. Total turnout--BS+HRC+Others--is the most important thing, for each voter will vote as she/he sees fit. That is as it should be.
The tacticians can--and should--turn out the people that support their ideas or candidate. It is a contest, and the voter decides.
Don't go hatin' on the Sanders folk, Hillary folk, nor don't go hatin' on the Hillary folk, Sanders folk. Be positive because voters do not turn out with negative campaigns.

Bill Graham more than 1 year ago

"If the privatizers have

"If the privatizers have their way, soon millions of Americans will be sending our kids to school at private academies in the same strip malls where we use the privatized postal services, bank at the check-cashing joint and shop at the deregulated rent-to-own shop."

That one sentence speaks volumes about our need to make it to the polls to vote--even if we have to crawl there.

BILL DEAL more than 1 year ago

Who's writing this rubbish.

Who's writing this rubbish. Almost as if they are unlearned in anything

Bernhard Willigan more than 1 year ago

Great summary of the task

Great summary of the task before us. Also, congratulations on how you set up this page, it is very easy to read on my little Nokia screen.

Grahame Gerard more than 1 year ago

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