Walker Has "The Right Stuff" For GOP Presidential Bid



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I've been doing some reading

I've been doing some reading and and searching for info about the proposal in walker's budget to screw Wisconsinites again by privatizing much of the leng term care and special needs care. Another "surprise, betcha didn't expect this!" Family Care and IRIS are programs that work and are community based. Participants are happy with services. People that manage these agencies had NO inking that they were going to be on the chopping block. Family Care is in the process of expanding to more counties! It was approved a few months ago by the state! Walker wants to have a cpl of big insurance companies take over. Privatization and payback to donors of big $. Despicable.

carol more than 2 years ago

I am from Buffalo and a radio

I am from Buffalo and a radio station called Walkers office pretending to be A Koch brother it was funny but sad in the sense he is a sellout to money

Frank more than 2 years ago

Your "Walker has the Right

Your "Walker has the Right Stuff" article begs to be shared through creative graphics. You develop a detailed account of the actions supporting the concentration of power and serving moneyed interests. This is the first step in. A visual map which allows the breadth of the attack on Democracy he has promoted. My plea is that you find creative visual communicators to extend your journalism to a broader citizen audience. A "picture" , is today, worth many more than a thousand words.

Gerald Campbell more than 2 years ago

Excellent summary of Walker's

Excellent summary of Walker's term! Love the Progressive, but could you share this with other media outlets?

Amy more than 2 years ago

and yet he keeps getting

and yet he keeps getting elected, which says at least as much about the Wisconsin electorate as it does sbout Walker.

peedee wyre more than 2 years ago

Walker Has "The Right Stuff"

Walker Has "The Right Stuff" For GOP Presidential Bid .....REALLY? If he does, don't LIE Scott!
Scott Walker's laid-off teacher story turns out to be a phony.....Scott Walker raised Wisconsin educators' eyebrows late last month when he told an Iowa audience that the 2010 "outstanding teacher of the year in my state" was laid off to make room for a teacher protected by union rules.

This was one of the reasons he fought so hard for Act 10 — his "bold way" of dismantling teachers unions and their contracts — Walker told the impressed Iowa Republican audience.

Many in Wisconsin education circles suspected the governor was telling yet another of his trademark fibs.

And, indeed, he was.

jarhead54 more than 2 years ago

Wisconsin has the best

Wisconsin has the best football team and the scariest elected gov in the country

Dave d more than 2 years ago

The American electorate will

The American electorate will love Scott Walker; he's got bright white skin. They will reward his economic terrorism in the same way they rewarded Republican economic terrorists in Congress. Just look at the results of the 2014 mid-terms.
I predict the Republican nominee, whoever he is, will run simply as a white guy against the brown man in the White House, rather than against the Democratic nominee. It worked for them in 2014, and it will work again. We are a deeply racist country.

Hank Ronan more than 2 years ago

A dull eyed, dull minded sell

A dull eyed, dull minded sell out to the rich, bent on screwing the Middle Class and lowering education and income. One of the few men that is clearly a Fascist. he has no business in government. Government is there to serve the people. ALL THE PEOPLE. Not just the rich.

Martha more than 2 years ago

Since most of the information

Since most of the information in this well written article has been known for some time, I wish this would have been published prior to the November election. I doubt many of the voters who supported Walker for reelection 3 times in the past 4 years would have done so if they knew how much damage his policies have done to the state of Wisconsin. How foolish we are to have passed on the chance to elect Mary Burke governor. She actually cares about the state and really wanted to be the Governor. Instead, we are paying Scott Walker to run for President.

Kevin McGuire more than 2 years ago

If Walker gets elected to the

If Walker gets elected to the presidency I plan to flee this country.

Greg Zeszotarski more than 2 years ago

Costa Rica looks better every

Costa Rica looks better every day, besides, if we now have an oligarchy, since the power elite says its pledge of allegience no longer to the Unted States, the show is over here. It will take decades, even of the best of circumstances to begin to experience the fabled American dream, for aging baby boomers it might be time to leave.

How odd. My Sicilian ancestors left paradise in order to be able to find work, are now aging baby boomers "living" in this dystopia might throw in the towel and emigrate to a central America to a small country wherw the people are a whole lot happier than we who "live" in America.

Salvatore Liotta more than 2 years ago

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