Walker’s Total Destruction in Wisconsin



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Take another look, without

Take another look, without the union influence Wisconsin is on the upside but I don't,y expect any morons from this Libby site to agree or even be able to read this message.

by Bill Grady more than 1 year ago

In 2010, the Supreme Court

In 2010, the Supreme Court ruling for Citizens United, opened a Pandora's box of evil and corruption for the rich and greedy. Unfortunately I don't think Hope is in that box... I've looked and looked. "... God shed his grace on thee..." Is only for the rich. Why do working, struggling people think that they are part of that group? Because we are making people who are less fortunate pee in a cup? Does that make you better? We need to strengthen the middle class. That is MOST OF US, We need to wake up! We have given away all our power, There is no power to the people in Wisconsin, we let Scott Walker take it away.

Mcalhoun more than 1 year ago

Isn't it time the Progressive

Isn't it time the Progressive Movement rebrand itself....what's the order again? Socialist, Progrssive, Liberal, back to Progressive... Try Totalitarian Statists.

Not Buying it more than 1 year ago

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